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Imperial Eagle wrote:Senator Daniel Hooker (NUP-IL) during a town hall meeting for his re-election bid had this to say about the recent fight in the UK Parliament

"These kinds of things you would expect from countries in the Middle East, Asia and perhaps the Balkans. To see the great hall of Parliament reduced to a scene from a bar room brawl is disappointing to say the least. Granted, the history of the Union's own Congress is not a proud one when one looks the caning of Congressman Charles Sumner in 1856 but such events now are rare and never rise to the level seen in the recent fight in the British Parliament. Though I can understand why it occurred, there is a time and place for such matters and engaging in a brawl in parliament is not such a place. You should be ashamed ourselves for engaging in such a thing when you have been elected to better the lives of your people, not stoop to the level of a schoolyard bully in a brawl."

The White House had no comment to make about the recent fight in the UK's Parliament nor about Senator Hooker's speech.

~ OBBC News

The Royal Courts of Justice have confirmed that Mrs Geraldine Johnson MP lodged a formal complaint with the Crown Court of Westminster, suing Union Senator Daniel Hooker(Imperial Eagle).

In a statement issued just minutes ago, the MP's legal team says that '[Senator Hooker] is guilty of tort and a criminal offence because he defamed Mrs Johnson. More specific, he is -in our views- guilty of slander by using the words "schoolyard bully" to describe her. Under the a statue which dates back to 1275, it is a misdemeanour to "say anything to others about someone which would be apt to make the average citizen think worse of the latter". However, the same is considered to be a felony when it concerns a "Magnate of the Realm".'

Our legal team told us that the crime could lead to an imprisonment of up to five years, and an additional fine of Fl. 500,000.

Following standard procedure when a foreign citizen is accused of a felony, the Department of State for Judicial Affairs will contact the Union Government to ask them to extradite Senator Hooker in due course for his case.


Official correspondence
To: R.L. Dawes, President of the Union (Imperial Eagle)
From: His Majesty's Embassy at Washington D.C., The Union
Subject: Extradition request
Encryption: PRIVATE

To whom it may concern, Greeting!

By command of the Crown Prosecution Service, so authorised by the Department of State for Judicial Affairs, I, Patrick Hodges, His Majesty's Ambassador to the Union, forward the Extradition Warrant affixed to this document.


His Excellency Patrick Hogdes
His Majesty's Ambassador


Extradition Warrant

The Crown Prosecution Service requests that

HOOKER, Daniel

be arrested and surrendered to the Crown Court of Westminster, to face trial on the accusation of slander.


Dr Edward Coke KC
Prosecution Barrister