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Joshuastania wrote:Otto's cries would go unnoticed with her current state. She would outwardly appear awake and alert however she is anything but. Isabella would be holding Rosa's arms and body tightly, however Rosa would be kicking her legs still. Rosa's hand soon starts to bleed from all the violent movement. "I'm sorry that you have to see her like this Otto. She isn't herself right now and is delerious, I don't think she hears you." Rosa would let out a terrible scream before her body gives up, she goes limp and her body relaxes. "Oh thank God, it is finally over. Help me get her up on the bed Otto, gently. Doctor, I need you to examine her and figure out what is going on, please!"

Otto helps Isabella get Rosa onto the bed. The doctor walks over and starts to examine Rosa. He bandages her hand where it was bleeding. After examining her he gives a diagnosis. "Her hand has a wound in it from where she was stabbed. She has a concussion and three broken ribs as well. As for what is going on with her screaming and acting out, she is having PTSD from her time in Hondura. She thinks that she is still there and thinks that you two are the guards and leaders. I can give her some medicine that will help her."