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March 6,1954


Karmapa Lama as 4th Leader
A vote from the Central Administration, Kashag and the three Lamas agreed to install the 16th Karmapa Lama as a fourth leader. He will work in together with the 14th Dalai Lama, 12th Panchen Lama and 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa. The Karmapa Lama was already allowed to be a religious leader in the Cho Dorje faith. In the past, the Karmapa Lamas represented the Karma Kagyu subschool of the old Kagyu tradition. Because the Kagyu tradition mostly fell out of practice, there was no one to formally represent the Kagyu tradition. Due to the unification of the Buddhist schools in Cho Dorje. Ranjung Dorje at 30 is one of the oldest in the executive cabinet. The remaining leaders are teenagers with the 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa in his 20s. Venerable Ranjung Dorje will be formally installed as a leader in a ceremony that coincides with the Tibetan Expo. This ceremony will be private and away from the eyes of the media at the request of the Lamas.