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Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Private correspondence
To: His Highness Prince Dmitri, Romanovskaya
From: Arthur of Avalon
Subject: Proposal for a meeting
Encryption: PRIVATE

Your Highness,

With great interest have I read the interview that you gave in the Romanovskaya Gazette. Like yourself I am a supporter of personal liberties and freedom – something which becomes increasingly criticised here in Orange-Bourgogne. Here in the United Kingdom, we should also embrace the opportunities that await us. We should not hesitate to face the challenges. We will overcome them and the rewards will be great; new experiences, new technologies, and new insights.

I, like many others from my party, were intrigued by your comments to Anastasiya Kapustina. I write this letter because I would like to invite you for an informal meeting with some of my party’s members and others. If possible, I would like to ask a few questions with regards to the comments that you have made. For example, we want to know in greater detail how you think that the technological evolutions that we see happening today, will affect the job markets of tomorrow.

If you are willing to attend such a meeting, please let us know when it suits you best.


The Rt. Hon. Arthur of Avalon
Leader of the Opposition
Regnum Unitum Member of Parliament

To: The Rt. Hon. Arthur of Avalon, Orange-Bourgogne.
From: Prince Dmitri Rostislavich Romanoff of Romanovskaya.
Subject: Re: Proposal for a meeting.

Dear Sir,

May I first express my pleasure in receiving your correspondence. I have watched current events in Orange-Bourgogne with interest, noting the countries move towards more government regulation and questionable social policies. I understand that you and your party are currently the main force for defending the free-market and personal liberties in your fine nation. I am particular pleased to see that you have read a recent article in the Romanovskaya Gazette where I was interviewed by Ms. Kapustina and took note of the points I made. I feel it is of critical importance that these principals are continued to be voiced in a time when politics has often been dominated by voices on the extreme end of the spectrum.

It would be my absolute pleasure to travel to Westminster and meet with you and your colleagues to address you and of course take any questions that may come up. As for my schedule I should be able to pay a flying visit in 3 weeks time. As you may understand, my recent appointment as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of RGT Group, along with my other business interests mean I cannot attend any sooner. I hope this will be suitable with you and your colleages.

Yours Sincerely
Дмитрий Ростиславич Романов