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Region: Official European Union

The Greater Nordics wrote:Two students from the Greater Nordics have been selected to do a student exchange in Hondura. Annika Mäkinen, 18 and Henri Wolff, 20 are excited and a little nervous to go study at Vladimir Karimov University in Stahlgrad, Hondura.
(Will there be students coming to the GN?)

(Maybe after this RP yes)

Joshuastania wrote:One female student is named Anabelle, age 19 and one male student is named Giorgio, age 20.

All four are took from the airport to the student accommodation, they are left just outside the reception. All the street signs are in Japanese. As well as that, just outside the student accommodation there was a statue of Stahl with flowers at the base of it in the middle of a city square. Of course there was plenty of portraits and propaganda.