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Joshuastania wrote:"Thank you for your concern Otto. Just keep in mind that if she does freak out that you need to be really careful with her. She has gotten so light and frail now, they really did a number on her. Goodnight Otto." Isabella kisses Rosa on the head before leaving. "Goodnight Rosa." After this Isabella makes her way to Empress Birgit and sits down. Empress Birgit would take notice of the look on Isabella's face.

"I will be careful with her. I dont want to hurt her. Goodnight Isabella." He watches her leave and then sits down in a chair next to the bed. He watches Rosa and thinks how could he have protected her more.
Empress Birgit is sitting in a parlor when Isabella walks in.Isabella has a sad and worried look on her face. "Whats wrong, Isabella. Is Rosa ok?"