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Joshuastania wrote:Isabella sighs deeply and makes herself a drink. "It was terrible Empress Birgit, Rosa completely lost it, she believed that we were the guards and that we were hurting her. She became so physically violent that I had to hold her down, she fought and fought until her body just gave out. The doctor diagnosed her with a concussion and PTSD, she was having a bad attack."

The Empress is silent for a moment, thinking. She pours a drink and then speaks. "That does sound terrible. Im glad that you were not hurt by her acting out. Did the doctor give her anything to calm her down in case she becomes violent again? If she has PTSD she should in a place where she can relax and recover. I was thinking about having her and Otto stay in one of the Royal Family's cabins in the countryside in Norway. That way she could rest where it is quiet. Is that ok with you?"