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Joshuastania wrote:"He did give her something but I'm not sure what it was or if it will help. We will see what happens when she wakes up I suppose. I believe that her and Otto should go in order to be away from people. I could even have her friend Galina, who she meet in Russia come to see her a bit later. I am still torn though, I think that Rosa needs to have her big sister with her but I can't stop thinking that I would make things worse by being with her. I really don't want Eleanora around her for obvious reasons. If I know that Rosa is safe with Otto then I can focus on Joshuastania."

Meanwhile Otto would notice that Rosa is moving around in her bed and making noises. He would place his hand on her forehead, it would be warm and clamy. After a few moments she would sit up and scream, she is soaked with sweat and warm to the touch.

"We can ask the doctor later what it was he gave her. We will see what happens when she wakes up. Otto can handle her. They should go away with other people for a while. It will give Rosa a chance to rest and recover and Otto can take care of her. I think that would be a good idea to have Galina come and see her. Maybe not for a little bit though, give Rosa a chance to get better first. I dont think that Galina would like to see her in the state that she is in. I know that you want to be with her but I feel like that would make things worse. You are correct in not having Eleanora around her, that would be bad for both of them. Rosa blames Eleanora and Eleanora would be distraught to see Rosa like this. Rosa will be safe with Otto, you need to worry about ruling Joshuastania? On that note, how is Dmitri handling the news and not being Tsar?"

Otto is sitting with Rosa when he notices that Rosa is stirring in her bed. She is also making noises. He feels her forehead and it is warm and clammy. He goes to get a cold towel but before he can, Rosa wakes up. She screams and sits up, she is covered in sweat. "Rosa, whats wrong? I hope that you wont think I am a Honduran guard again"