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Joshuastania wrote:Isabella nods in agreement. "Yes, you are right about everything Empress Birgit. Let's call the doctor in and ask what he gave her. As for Dmitri, I have been helping Tsarista Olga Dmitrievna clean out the Duma so I haven't really been around him much lately."

Rosa looks around a bit confused. "I had a bad dream, they were taking me away! I feel so strange, what happened? I'm so thirsty!" She hangs her head and starts to cry. "No, I wouldn't think that you were a Honduran guard. It isn't true, why are you are lying to me?"

"We can call the doctor in." She tells a servant to get the doctor and bring him to her. "Have you been successful in helping clean out the Duma? Where is Dmitri when you are with the Tsarina? Are you worried about him being unfaithful?

Otto sits down on the bed next to Rosa and holds her close. "Rosa, dont cry. I am with you and I will protect you. You had more than a bad dream. You thought that me and Isabella were Honduran guards and were pushing us away when we were trying to help you. You were also screaming at us. I am not lying to you. He gets her a glass of water.