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Region: Official European Union

Joshuastania wrote:"Our results have been mixed, but Tsarista Olga Dmitrievna is a strong and effective leader. As for Dmitri, he is more or less confined to that house and is kind of going through a strange phase. I had to get out of there, I couldn't stand it anymore. I would hope that he decides to live in Joshuastania with me but you know how stubborn the Romanovs can be."

Rosa drinks the whole thing and she lays down, facing away from him. "I'm sorry if I was acting like that, I just don't remember anything about it. Can you open the window please Otto? I am so weak and exhausted but I'm afraid to close my eyes."

Thats good that she is a strong and effective leader. I like how the nations of the Crown Coalition are all led by strong female leaders. I think Dmitri is just getting over not being the Tsar anymore. Hopefully he will get over it. I also hope that he will decide to live in Joshuastania

Otto looks at Rosa. We were worried about you Rosa. The doctor said that you have PTSD, a concussion and 3 broken ribs. I hope that you will not do that again. Yes I will open the window for you. He goes and opens the window. He also tells a servant to get the Empress and Queen Isabella.