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Region: Official European Union

The Greater Nordics wrote:Thats good that she is a strong and effective leader. I like how the nations of the Crown Coalition are all led by strong female leaders. I think Dmitri is just getting over not being the Tsar anymore. Hopefully he will get over it. I also hope that he will decide to live in Joshuastania

Otto looks at Rosa. We were worried about you Rosa. The doctor said that you have PTSD, a concussion and 3 broken ribs. I hope that you will not do that again. Yes I will open the window for you. He goes and opens the window. He also tells a servant to get the Empress and Queen Isabella.

Rosa sighs and just lays there, crying silently and putting her face down in the pillow. After a few moments of that Rosa grunts and sits up, crossing her legs. After a few moments of just sitting there the door opens and she jumps a bit. Isabella and Empress Birgit come in and Rosa glares at them both, but more so at Isabella.