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Region: Hollow Point

Paris agreement founder

Paris Agreement

Hello, Hollow Point !

It's great to have embassies with you and I hope that your vital membership with us will be great for our save the ♻environmental🚯, 🚭health🔆 and 🆓equality🚻 awareness campaign that we are running here on NationStates!

Please feel free to contribute to it by 🎞posting videos🎞 or ™websites™ on ♻climate change🚯, 🚭health🔅, and 🆓equality🚻, and how we can solve them on our RMB! Everything really counts and matter!

As a 🆕new🆕 major embassy region of NationStates, I hope that this will provide a good 💻platform📲 to spread awareness on and I hope that the people of Hollow Point will be ❤supportive❤ of this and ✅encourage✅ other regions to participate!

This region and its members are now officially a member region of our brand new 🌎Regional-World Improvement Committee🏁!


"Together, we will cleanup the world one step at a time."