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Paris agreement founder

Paris Agreement

Imagine a world where 🌲forests🌲 flourish and 🐳oceans🐟 are full of life, where ♻energy🌱 is as clean as a 🏞mountain stream🏞, where everyone has 🚨security🚨, ❤dignity❤, and 🤩joy🤩. We canít ⚒build🛠 this 🏁future🏁 alone, but we can ⚒build🛠 it together.

If you want a ♻green♻ and 🏳‍🌈just🏳‍🌈 world, you'll need to 👨‍👦march👨‍👧 alongside us. If youíve got ideas for how to get there, we all can learn from you. Letís 👏dream👏 together, 📚plan📚 together and 🚯act🚭 together. Climate Change does happen, but what will you do about it?

Put #climatechangehappens in your 📑World Factbook Entry📑 to help us 👏fight👏 to save our 🌎Earth🌎!