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Region: Lazarus

Adelsin wrote:e___e wHy are the moose running naked? We are a christian moose farm.


Funny. I remember reading about some christian sects that in order to return to the innocence before the fall were rather keen in nudism.

Reichsfahnentraeger wrote:ACHTUNG!

The forces of the left spread their communistic disease openly throughout Nationstates.

WE are part of the cure; YOU can be the other part
Join us in sterilizing regions for National survival now

Deutschland Sieg Heil!
Deutschland Erwache

It would be cute if it wasn't for the trail of destruction left behind, to watch how some people still are digging in the trash can of history trying to revive the dead and deadly ideological residues of the most destructive human ideologies.
You are not by far the first to compare "communism" to a disease. Here, the Spanish Mengele.

(And if the pattern seems familiar is because the dictatorships of the late seventies in South America copied him deliberately).