by Max Barry

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Region: Lazarus

After Their nap in the hot tub after Their lunches, Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius mmph and hrm in agreement: They are hungry again! Requests are sent through phones to the kitchens, and there They will relax in the bubbly warmth while They wait for an unprecedented Seventh Lunch of the day. Her Motherhood blames the MORE babies growing within Her, now a little over two and a half months along.

His Rotundity blushingly blames the same, claiming that He has to keep up a show of solidarity by eating when Her Beloved Bulbousness does. Never mind that He has two extra Tubbs of flabbiness over Her, extra Tubbs that have had nothing at all to do with any baby weight. Her Gravidity nods and chuckles knowingly and softly, pat-patting His Heftiness' immense belly and asking Him when He might be due.

This only sets His Adiposity to turning a bit redder in the face, and that leads to the Two Tubbies both bursting into jolly, body-quivery laughter.

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