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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1954 - JULY - 17


    Following a close-fought election, Elemedes Rhovios Kalnaeros has assumed the office of the archonship on the annual festival of the 328th Ephyralia. Replacing Kalykos Laserenios Rahtheon, who will like all of his predecessors since the Second Cultural Revolution will not be prosecuted for actions during his term of office, Kalnaeros inherits a continued status quo with the primary task of international relations.

    A member of the aristocratic faction descended from the pre-Lenaleos era, Kalnaeros ran like his predecessors on the maintaining of the public mores, social order, and strength. Calling upon both his distinguished lineage and prior electoral success, having been elected to every other available office in the same year he became eligible to do so, Kalnaeros emerged the victor in the elections.

    With minor unrest persisting in the provinces in Africa and near the Caucasus, Kalnaeros addressed these regions in his ceremonial assumption of power before undertaking the religious officiation of his legal power, granted for a year. He also expressed keen interest in establishing friendlier relations with Ephyra's western contemporaries and former allies in the war against Russia, such as Germany, Washington, and Cerma.


    Shocking details have emerged over the apparent mass-murder of a citizen freeholder family in the northern Judea province two days ago. The family, residing in their villa approximately 17 miles east of Acre, were found dead after receiving a visit from friends yesterday afternoon. Absent from the villa and its estate were the thirteen slaves owned by the lower equestrian class family, prompting a search for escaped slaves in the local area which has now been expanded across the entire province.

    It is unknown what initiated the revolt against their masters, but in the uprising all members of the local family are believed to have been killed. The bodies, identified by other relatives, have now been identified as 54-year-old family head Kaelemon Askenios Qarralis, his wife, 35-year-old Helaenys Eresia Dalaenor, and their three children, Selaerapos, Ephyra, and Lynaelekra, aged 15, 12, and 7 respectively.

    All five family members were found to have died from stab wounds, but no weapons likely to have been used were recovered, prompting a warning that the fugitive slaves are likely to be armed. The callous killing of a citizen family and their children has caused shock in the region, which has been seeing a downturn in violence in recent decades. Anyone with details that may lead to the capture of the escaped slaves is to contact local authorities immediately.


    In the Asian nation, the 16th Karmapa Lama has been voted by the nation's Central Administration into power, to work alongside the 14th Dalai Lama, 12th Panchen Lama, and the 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa.

    The essential theocracy of Tibet, governed by mostly teenaged individuals, has opted to coincide the inauguration with the Tibetan World Expo, an event that proarchon Rahtheon expressed interest in Ephyra contributing to. Whether the new archon will continue this interest is unknown.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia