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Anarchy in Elinhir
The Sunday protest movement has plagued the tranquillity of our nation's holy days with many worshippers choosing to take to the streets to destabilise our nation instead of practising their faith with respect for our society. Over the past few years, however, the movement has grown; being joined most recently by many prominent chiefs of several Karthspiri tribes. Last weekend, following the declaration of tribal leaders showing support for the protest movement, crowds on the streets of Elinhir swelled to fill almost every facet of the city's, still scarred, streets. With the leaking of such scenes, by external agents, to many other major cities within Karthspire, protest movements began to pop up everywhere from Eránhir to Rálaren; filling the streets with echoes of treasonous chants.

As the nation's streets were filled with those who would see the strong government leading it forward torn down, anti-riot police and paramilitaries were deployed to control and direct the crowds with large clashes eventually breaking out in the cities of Lorenhir and Sárthireln. The response to these clashes from protestors has been to further increase violence, instigating clashes in more cities and attempting to storm government buildings. Only time will tell how this heartbreaking situation will pan out; we must pray for those in uniform who protect our government and nation - pray they succeed in restoring the peace.