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Region: The Democratic Republic of Freedom

DRF Office of Recruitment wrote:Time taken: 9/5/2019 6:37:55

Telegrams sent: 3126

Telegrams delivered: 2523

Delivered-sent ratio: 80.71%

Telegrams read: 271

Read-delivered ratio: 10.74%

Telegrams causing move: 13

Moved-delivered ratio: 0.52%

Moved-read ratio: 4.80%

Total DRF nations: 29

We should get 30 nations sometime today if the upward trend continues.

And, as I promised, here are the funny telegrams I've recieved so far:

This is a very exciting day for the DRF, the day when we can reach 30 nations for only the second time in our history! Go DRF!

All percentages rounded to the nearest hundredth.

can we have ‘All percentages rounded to the nearest hundredth.’ as a drf meme, or at least the office of recruitment’s motto?