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September 18,1954


Mid Autumn Festival
Tibetans celebrated the ending of the autumn harvest today with pomp and high spirits. Tibetans drank cassia wine and ate what is commonly called "moon cakes". Farmers from the Eastern low lands had their crops and land blessed by lamas for a good bounty. Offerings were presented to the deities Umay(Fertility),Ay Ata(Moon) and Vajra Yogini(Tantra) for good luck and bounty. The holiday was imported through interactions with the Han and Yue peoples. Foreigners visiting the country were impressed by the show of culture to the world.


Unrest in Karthspirije
Demonstrators have taken to the streets in Elinhir during a holy day. Riot police and the paramilitary were deployed to maintain order yet,the situation is reported to have become chaotic. The Lamas issued a statement regarding this

"We are saddened that violence has erupted between civilians and the police. We believe in the right to demonstrate against the State but, violence should never be the immediate solution. Our hearts and minds are with the families on both sides. We pray that the spirit of peace prevails for all sentient beings in Karthspirije and all worlds."

No official position has been reached whether to support the protesters nor the police was formally decided on.

The Land of the Ephyral, Karthspirije, and Amaseia