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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1954 - SEPTEMBER - 24


    In the aftermath of the killing of Kaelemon Askenios Qarralis and his family, members of the equestrian class, the hunt for fugitive slaves in the province failed to produce useful leads. It has now been confirmed however that two other equestrian-class villas have been similarly attacked and in a more brutal fashion, prompting a more nation-wide outcry and demands for retributive response.

    The rural villas of Daemedes Kuzaerios Lenlarys and Nymaekaesos Praekilios Meltaris were attacked in rapid succession in the last week. The bodies of slaves belonging to the two men and their families were also found at the scene, indicating that not all of the slaves of the household opted to join the rebellion against their owners.

    The wife and children of Lenlarys, including the wife of their eldest son, were slain in a similar fashion to the family of Qarralis, however the wife and two daughters of Meltaris are missing and presumed abducted. All neighbouring provinces of Judea have implemented their own searches in case the fugitives try to leave, whilst the governor of Judea has vowed that "the cold brutality and unjust murder of these families will be met with the harshest retribution."


    Protests in the Karthspiri capital of Elinhir turned violent recently as the Sunday Protest Movement, growing over recent years and supported by chieftains of Karthspire's tribal population, took to the streets of Elinhir and other major cities in an anti-government demonstration.

    Karthspiri riot police deployed to take control of the situation became involved in clashes in two other cities, the news of which caused outbreaks of similar violence including in Elinhir. It is unknown whether the police deployed or the protestors initiated the violence, but acts of attempting to storm public buildings have become more prevalent in these events.

    The Tibetan Lamas, the first to respond to this event internationally, issued sentiments hoping for peace and a resolution to the violence. However, it is unlikely that these words will assuage the intentions and motivations of the demonstrators against the government.

Nordamy and Karthspirije