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Trebizond Kingfisher

Sunday - 26 September 1954


Slave revolts continue in Judea

The recent news that two further households in the Ephyral province of Judea have been massacred in an apparent act of retribution by disgruntled slaves, still at large since their first reported attack in July, has most certainly not been met lightly by the people of the Freehold, particularly the many province-dwelling citizens in possession of their own slaves. The fact that the assailants in question are completely indiscriminate in their malice, sparing neither adult nor child nor even the slaves that refuse to take up arms with them, has not helped in assuaging fears of further slave rebellions in other provinces, meaning the pressure is well and truly on for the Ephyral authorities to hunt them down and dispense swift and decisive justice.

When approached for comment last night, Pontic Foreign Minister Raelor Lengyreon was quick to express his government's official stance on the matter, though he stopped noticeably short of answering any questions on the broader matter of slavery as a whole, deeming it to be irrelevant to the situation currently at hand.

"As always, when the incident being talked about concerns the brutal and unconscionable murder of hard-working and law-abiding citizens in their own homes, this government and all governments that precede or follow shall condemn in no less than complete and utter terms the actions of the perpetrators and hope that a swift and decisive end is brought to the killings by the proper authorities in accordance with Ephyral law. The details of Ephyral laws are not for me or for you to discuss with anyone save for the people tasked with writing and executing them, and certainly not at a time when the Archon's attention is urgently needed far beyond the confines of his chambers."

Further details on this ever-evolving situation will be given as we receive them.

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