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Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins
The September Revolution
With our nation having been rocked by a scale of protests never before recorded and cries for reform echoing through the newly paved boulevards of Elinhir to the still-devastated and bombed-out streets of Teránair, the protest movement finally cracked in the early hours of this morning. With unemployment still at a record high in Karthspire, despite reconstruction efforts, many protestors have been on the streets near-continuously for the past two weeks; clashing with police officers, paramilitaries and those who would see Terai remain in power.

In the early hours of this morning, sources within the Halamshiral, Dátrije and Athel'Sérine Military Districts were ordered to place major urban centres under martial law and, reportedly, "put down any hint of protest or dissent." As tanks rolled into major cities across the nation, soldiers were not set upon by protestors but received with open arms as protestors hoped that the presence of army soldiers would restore discipline to local police forces and paramilitaries who were using rubber bullets and tear gas indiscriminately against crowds. Although these were not their orders, reports of mutinies began flooding in with officers ordering their troops to protect civilians from reportedly "unhinged, undisciplined forces with no regard for the lives of our compatriots."

As the reports of soldiers firing on Government paramilitaries and police, in defence of protestors, continued throughout the night, more and more senior officers in the Karthspiri Armed Forces began to declare the orders to "put down dissent" null and void. New orders were issued to, instead, seize control of Government buildings and the apparatus of the state. Soldiers across the country left their bases to take control of every Government building from the smallest village registry to the town halls of our great cities. Finally, at 4am this morning soldiers of the 3rd Halamshiral Mechanised Division broke through paramilitary lines around the Presidential Palace in Elinhir and took control of the centre of our Government.

Upon entering the building, however, the soldiers found it to be without a trace of life. After a shakedown of the palace, a young private reported the discovery of a series of tunnels which were found to connect to an airstrip just outside of the city; an airstrip which Terai and his family were reportedly seen at around 1am on a flight bound for Trankvila.

The apparatus of state now lies in the hands of the Karthspiri Armed Forces. With this new power, an order has been issued for Ironpakt military forces stationed in the country to turn over vehicles and armaments to the Karthspiri Government or to leave the country with them. In addition, the Junta has invited the Patriarch of Elinhir to form a Unity Government with members of the military, tribal representatives, delegates from the Russian and Romanian minorities and to reach out to the KNLA for talks regarding peace as well as to invite them into any potential Unity Government.