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September 27,1954

The provincial government of Karthspirjie was expelled yesterday by a coalition of soldiers and civilians. The military was deployed to help restore order but, many revolted and swore to protect the civilians. Generals took over various government bases and found the territorial governors to have fled the country. Currently a military junta leads the now seemingly independent nation. An order was put out to form a unity government that includes the patriarch of the Orthodox Church there.

The Kashag held a meeting to determine possible recognition of the new government there. A vote was called and the popular opinion is to recognize the new government provided they are friendly to Tibet, host free and open elections and become active in the world family.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated

"I would like to first commemorate the armed forces for being servants of the people rather than the people having to serve them. We are watching this turn of events very carefully and have considered full recognition of the new government. We believe there is a time and a place to overthrow an immoral state. While we do not like senseless violence and still hope for the spirit of peace to enlighten the people, we believe it was necessary that the people do something about the old regime. May there be every kind of blessing on the Karthspirjie nation and all sentient beings"

Slave Violence
In the provinces of Judea, violence from disgruntled slaves has been brought to the attention of the world community. Foreign minister Raelor Lengyreon issued a statement:

"As always, when the incident being talked about concerns the brutal and unconscionable murder of hard-working and law-abiding citizens in their own homes, this government and all governments that precede or follow shall condemn in no less than complete and utter terms the actions of the perpetrators and hope that a swift and decisive end is brought to the killings by the proper authorities in accordance with Ephyral law. The details of Ephyral laws are not for me or for you to discuss with anyone save for the people tasked with writing and executing them, and certainly not at a time when the Archon's attention is urgently needed far beyond the confines of his chambers."

The stance of the Tibetan government is one of support of abolition of slavery but that it should be settled in a civil manner.