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Region: Union of Nationalists

Reichsfahnentraeger wrote:Thank you! Would you be interested in pinning this dispatch in Union of Nationalists to help inoculate the youth?
Are you or someone you love infected by Communism?

Communism is a virulent social disease that cripples the mind of the host nation before killing the body and moving onto the next host to replicate, but we have nothing to fear as long as the host nation removes the strain before it gets established.

Signs that you may be hosting a communist parasite:

    > Failure to comprend differences in the human race are attributed to different nationality, and belief that all people are the same.
    > Mimicry in the styles of dress or culture of another non-related nationality including choice of music and mannerisms of speech
    > Failure to recognize your own national culture and heritage
    > Proclivity towards sexual identity disorder with desire to have relations with any human or animal
    > Propensity for violent protest in the name of social justice on behalf of random causes
    > Inability to comprehend the natural world and the cycle of life in synergy
    > Disbelief in God or the blueprint of life by His will
    > Hatred of one's own ethnicity or adverse feeling of remorse and or guilt association with events unwitnessed in your life
    > Propensity for drug use, criminal activity and disregard for law or law enforcement
    > Social membership in Antifa or Socialist, Social Democratic, or Democratic Socialist politics
    > Attributing integral nationalism or the desire to live, work or love people from your own tribe or national extension as being racist
    > Belief that all people should be living in a borderless world in commonality and in mutual aid to one another
    > Extreme liberalism and self interest

Don't be a vector for Communism!

Treatment to remove the strain before it gets established varies from person to person but includes strong family integrity and social bonds within a community of one's own people, attending Church, recognizing racial and national differences without embracing them as your own while assisting others to become self aware.

For extreme cases the Communist virus will need extreme measures to eliminate by progressive social therapy in a controlled setting under supervision. Those affected may need to be institutionalized for the safety of the host nation or deported to their homeland if they are foreigners for treatment there

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In keeping with my policy of non-interference in the affairs of Union members, I do not regionally endorse ideological messages unless they specifically concern Nationalist policy.
You are more than welcome to share any and all dispatches on our RMB, naturally.