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Telhárr Nasjonal


Unity Government forms
Following the invitation of the military to the Patriarch of Elinhir to form a Government which can hold the country together, the new interim Government was today announced on the steps of St. Arja's Cathedral in Elinhir. Patriarch Ara'iél spoke of the need for national unity and for every citizen to knuckle down and do their bit; emphasising this as he announced that the new interim government would be headed by himself and made up of high-ranking members of the military, representatives from the tribes and ethnic minorities as well as, controversially, the KNLA.

The inclusion of the KNLA, the rebel group which has long caused devastation in the Western states, was cited as necessary; both to prevent in-fighting but also as a way of bringing new expertise in warfare into the Karthspiri armed forces. Sources from within the newly formed War Directorate (formerly Defence Commissariat) are reporting that KNLA officers and soldiers will be integrated into a new special forces group of the Karthspiri Armed Forces known as STAS which, reportedly, stands for "Special Tactics and Sabotage." The inclusion of battle-hardened KNLA officers is, no doubt, a relief to the upper command of the Armed Forces whose officer pools have been strained since the revolution due to many soldiers forcing German-speaking officers out of their ranks.

The new existence of the KNLA, as a special forces group within the Karthspiri Armed Forces, is also likely to unnerve Ironpakt troops still stationed in the country who have, so far, failed to comply with the orders of the Karthspiri military to surrender their weapons and leave the country. As a show of diplomatic kindness, the Karthspiri Government has extended the deadline for Ironpakt troops to comply; threatening those who fail to do so after the new deadline with arrest.

Mobilisation Order 322 comes into force
Many would've thought the attention of the new Government would be on repairing the still bombed out and burned streets of many Karthspiri villages, towns and cities or on educating our children for a rapidly changing and advancing future for which our nation is ill-prepared when we already lack some decades behind even the most undeveloped of our neighbours. However, the defence of the nation against external threats seems to be the main priority of the new Government; a priority which makes sense when one considers the precarious position of our nation, sandwiched between three major powers and without easily defensible terrain beyond the Carpathians in the East and North-East and the great forests of Northern Halamshiral and Falinesti.

In viewing this threat, the Government today issued Mobilisation Order 322 (Karthspiri: Telárr'Etsálla, English: General Plan North) to ensure the nation stands ready against any aggression. Old fortifications in the Carpathians are being prepared to host new garrisons after having been mothballed since the occupation during the great war, what few civilian factories which have been founded or reconstructed since the war are finding themselves with huge shipments of new capital, courtesy of the Government's new emergency budget, to prepare them for the possibility of having to switch to producing equipment for the military. Churches across the nation and the few Madrasahs in the East are being told to take count of military-age men in their villages, towns and cities and to send one in every ten of them to local bases for a period of mandatory training. Tribal members of the new Government are also doing their bit under the new Government; sending the most skilled of their tribes to the Arhél Arathárr Military Academy in Elinhir as a symbol of cooperation between them and the new Government.

Patriarch Ara'iél has called on all Orthodox nations to assist the Karthspiri nation in this endeavour. Only time will tell if such preparations and pleas are truly necessary.

Terai's eastern terror
With the old regime laying in ashes, stories are flooding across the country from the eastern state of Athel'Sérine about the brutality of Terai's regime. The state, largely undeveloped and barely inhabited immediately after the war, was found to possess huge reserves of desireable resources such as coal and iron but still lacked the local industrial and labour bases to extract them. To fix this problem, the Terai Government established several new cities there; supposedly allowing convicts and their families a chance at redemption by helping to tame the east and industrialise the nation. However, now that these cities have been opened to the world again, inhabitants tell of the use of Terai's local paramilitaries to force non-Karthspiri villagers and local tribes into cities against their will. Tribes who refused this order were subject to intense harassment from state authorities.

Harassment, unfortunately, was not the end of it. Tribes who continued to refuse would slowly be subjected to continually worse treatment: the kidnapping of their members, burning of tents and slaughter of horses in the night to name a few of these crimes. The new state authorities are, now, attempting to chart the migration patterns of local tribes with such knowledge being a closely guarded secret in order to protect the tribes from the persecution they have so often faced. Sadly, local authorities are reporting that the migration patterns of several local tribes are unable to be charted beyond a singular point in the eastern steppe which authorities suspect may or may not be a mass grave to which state authorities lured defiant tribes to. It is quite possible that Terai's terror may have extended farther than we saw in even our darkest nightmares, extended to an attempt to wipe a people off of the face of our nation.
The plight of the unfree in the Freehold
We Karthspiri know, perhaps best, the brutality of the Ephyral Freehold. During the war, those who stood against the Ephyral horde under the feckless leadership of incompetent Russian Officers, who followed their orders as a good soldier should and who surrendered when spineless Russian Officers ordered them to do so were not treated with respect as is convention for most nations but, horrifyingly, taken as slaves in the medieval institution which defines the Freehold's economy. When the Ephyral horde broke our offensive into the southern Balkans and flooded into our nation, they herded our people south to do the work they find themselves too weak or lazy to do.

It seems, to us in the outside world at least, that the final straw may have landed on the back of the decrepit, old camel which is the Ephyral slavery system. Whilst the loss of innocent life is regrettable, the keeping of a soul in chains will only incite hatred and rebellion in any nation who holds the key to unlock those chains. These rebellions are a natural product of this medieval system and the nations of the world must call the Ephyral State out for what it is in continuing its practice of slavery; a backward, heartless state. We Karthspiri have not forgotten about the plight of those in Ephyral chains, we will see if the rest of the world has spine enough to remember.

Negotiation team crosses border
The new interim Government does not seek to destroy what few international relations the Karthspiri state had prior to the overthrow of Terai. More often than not, it is simply seeking to renegotiate and review those relations. In keeping with this, a team of Karthspiri negotiators today crossed the border to Germany on a train steaming straight for Berlin; reportedly intent on renegotiating the position of Karthspire within the Ironpakt. Whilst still nominally a close partner of Germany, the actions of the new Government in seeking to expel Ironpakt troops from the country, as well as the action of the Military in the expulsion of many German officers and the many sermons of Patriarch Ara'iél on his disdain for the alliance are, naturally, not sending good signals to the Government of the Kaiser.