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Region: Lazarus

Hycronesia wrote:Lazarus has a Minecraft server? :o

Yes, for a few days now.

Hello everyone,
I have created a Minecraft Realms server for Minecraft Java Edition and would like to invite all of you who are interested in some civilised cooperative Minecraft gaming on an unmodified Survival mode Server.
The server is called LazWorld by Leonism.


  • Only players of nations based in Lazarus may take part

  • No PVP unless specifically agreed between the participants (Warning: PVP is by default set to "on" in case you want to duel while I'm offline)

  • Absolutely no griefing (= destroying other people's structures)

  • You must sent me (Leonism) a telegram or discord (Leonism#9218) message with your Minecraft user name for me to invite you to the server

  • My word is law on the server, as I pay for it (ingame Name: Ewok0rn)

I am looking forward to having fun with fellow Minecraft players from Lazarus!

List of Lazarus nations who already take part (Minecraft username in parenthesis):
Perchan (HPGuardian)
Denado (Fudzie)
Your Imaginary Friend (Trifire)
Kappan (Pedrolover)
Custadia (McChimp)
Hycronesia (kiuyenne)
The Sigometh Dynasty (KevinGrzyb)
Neo-Cambria (thelwe)
The copper states (HeroKP)
Glorious Society (Jadter)
Yubel (tkoutn)
Aflana (Aflana)
Makdon (tobiDaTurtle)
Hrathgar glacier (SurvivorType)
The Illusian Empire (lyricgrr)
Aeisonia (somelemonpls)
Tolfaer (Taikaviita)
Leonism (Ewok0rn)

Read dispatch

Drop me a Telegram or message me on Discord ( @Leonism#9218) with your Minecraft username, so that I can add you to the server.

The Sigometh Dynasty, Your Imaginary Friend, Kappan, Hycronesia, and 1 otherLoftegen 2