by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1954 - OCTOBER - 29


    Citizens of the Judea province have been calling upon the governor to authorise military forces and means to hunt down and eliminate the slowly growing but small band of fugitive slaves who have killed no fewer than three citizen families, and are thought to have taken captives from one.

    So far all of Judea's law enforcement assets, alongside those in municipia of other provinces bordering Judea, have been mobilised in pursuit of the fugitives who have so far managed to elude capture, and are suspected to be moving and hiding across the less densely populated terrain of the province.

    The brutal attack and murders of three citizen families, along with the dire undertones for the three women presumed abducted, has been the source of great alarm for the citizens of the province, and especially those who live rurally due to remoteness and heightened vulnerability to attack. The last major slave revolt seen in the Freehold occurred in and around the Judea province, starting in 1833, and finally being crushed in 1836. Though significantly larger than the present fugitive band, with the small army of slaves having numbered in the high thousands, inflicting no fewer than three times this figure as casualty rates upon Ephyral citizens alone, the legacy of insurrection and violence against citizens of the Freehold is one that has remained in the eastern Mediterranean.

    Provincial authorities have stated that the likelihood of this becoming a full-scale revolt is essentially nil, and that the status of the slaves as murderers and fugitives is what warrants law enforcement response. However, no ruling out of more lethal force has been made. The bodies of those slain have been confirmed to have received full funerary service by their relatives.


    In the wake of the proclamation of a self-styled Karthspiri Hegemony, following the de facto end of German control and exile of Arteron Terai over the lands of the Karthspiri by elements of its armed forces, the Senate of the Freeborn Landholders has issued a senatorial consult decree, proclaiming the Karthspiri a hostile state and its leaders as pretenders and usurpers of rightful German possession of the land. Though not a declaration of open conflict, nor enshrined as a law, the consult decree will in effect prevent the magistrates of the Freehold from engaging with the Karthspiri on a basis of co-operation or friendliness, instead recognising them as a power with an anti-Ephyral interest.

    The consul decree comes following not only the rebellion by the northern horselords against the Germans, but a publication by their media aimed at spreading falsehoods about the situation in Judea, and the history between the Ephyral and Karthspiri. In their piece, the Karthspiri imply the nature of the revolts to be of greater threat to the stability of the Freehold than they are. It was their portrayal of events in the Great War against Russia that had senators irate however, with ex-archon and continued Senator Nohareon issuing the most persuasive and elaborate response. "The Karthspiri, who followed the orders of their Russian masters, came to Ephyra to conquer, plunder, rape, and kill, and all of these they did in abundance. They dare equate their barbarism with the seizing of rightful spoils of a just war, fought in defence of our fatherland, to avenge our fallen sons, brothers, and fathers, and to vindicate our dishonoured daughters, sisters, and mothers. The only regret any citizen of the Freehold should have of the trophies we claimed is how much we left behind."

    The senator's speech was met with much applause and support, and the motion to issue an official consult decree that the Karthspiri be regarded as a hostile state under illegitimate rule passed overwhelmingly.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia