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Region: The Empire of Tamriel


Trollz wrote:Frost Trolls 8th Sun's Dawn, 4E 203

It is about midday as the party departs Winterhold after returning the ring of Malyn Varen to Tjolfdir and informing the mages of what had happened to him. Tjolfdir revoked Medea's banishment from the Mage's Guild, and re-initiated her into the guild, albeit at the rank of a novice. After re-supplying, the crew exits the fair little city and begins trekking westwards along the frozen coast.

"Do you suppose the Akaviri have landed yet?" Sir Mazog asks looking out at the frozen ocean as the party strolls along.

"Maybe, but it ain't our problem anymore." Maerwyn shrugs.

"Well that's not a very good attitude. Akavir's invasion is a problem for the whole Empire." Sir Mazog frowns.

"Perhaps we can learn more when we reach Dawnstar. They say a new nation named Hjaalmarch0 he formed there and that their leader is an orc and a friend of the Empire." Sir Plutarch speaks up and nods at Sir Mazog.

"I heard from the mages at Winterhold that the king of Hjaalmarch0 declared independence from the Empire. We may have to be careful." Sir Jaquavis interjects

"I have seen in my dreams that High Rock's pride, the navy of Ardoland, will meet the grim army of Akavir, or perhaps they all ready have." Cassandra, the red-haired Breton woman states mystically.

"May the Divines be with them." Sir Jaquavis says softly and the party continues walking in silence thinking about the events going on in the world.


A little before the evening the party reaches the Brostflow Lighthouse. It appears that bandits once holed up here. Cautiously sneaking inside Maerwyn creeps through the lighthouse checking it to see if there is any inhabitants still remaining but he finds none. Cassandra casting detect life, also sees no sign of life here.

The crew rummages through the abandoned lighthouse for supplies. Maerwyn comes across a trapped chest, and skillfully lockpicking the tripwire and disabling it, opens the chest. Inside the chest are a few coins, a diamond, and an enchanted dagger that does fire damage. Maerwyn pockets the gold and gives the diamond to Medea and promises to fit it into a ring for her when they reach Whiterun. Cassandra takes the enchanted dagger. Seeing there is not much left here the group leaves the lighthouse and proceeds onward.

Not far from the lighthouse they come upon a sword sticking out of the frozen ground. Approaching it slowly, they see a body near the sword, half buried by the snow. As they move forward they see more scattered equipment, and the bodies of bandits frozen and lifeless in a group. Maerwyn bends down examining the bodies. As the group tries to make sense of this scene a loud trollshriek pierces the air.

Maerwyn stands up and looks at Trollz. Trollz just stares back at him when another trollshriek answers the one from before. Sir Mazog's eyes widen and he unsheathes his sword. Two frost trolls come running down upon the party, stopping in front of them the two white monsters beat their chests. Trollz gives out a happy trollcry and approaches them. As Trollz walks up the bigger frost troll dashes forward and decks Trollz in the face knocking him over. The other frost troll advances giving out a fierce trollroar.

The big frost troll barrels into the group slamming Sir Mazog, whom only just in time raises his shield to take the brunt of the force, and knocks the orc knight backwards to the ground. The other frost troll is going toe to toe with Sir Plutarch, throwing haymakers at the portly imperial whom takes a few blows to his heavy armored chest. Plutarch returns a blow with a mighty swing of his hammer breaking the creature's hip and making it give out a terrible cry. Sir Jaquavis dashes in and with a swift slice of his shortsword, slices the frost troll's neck.

Trollz gets to his feet and dashes between the big frost troll and pushes it backward before it can stomp upon Sir Mazog's face. Trollz jabbers away in the trollzish tongue trying to make peace, but the frost trolls either as a different species, or simply being too wild, seem not to care or notice. The big frost troll gives an angry trollroar and belts Trollz again, knocking him down. Maerwyn unloads an arrow into the beast's shoulder and it rounds upon him beating its chest before charging. The frost troll tackles Maerwyn and raises a fist to pummel him. Cassandra runs forward with her new enchanted dagger and stabs out at the frost troll, the little knife barely bites into the creature and it backhands Cassandra, breaking her nose and knocking her unconscious. However the enchanted knife catches the fur of the animal on fire and it begins to run around madly hurt by the fire and also seeing the flame sends it into a panic. Seeing the opportunity, Asher leaps high into the air and comes down with great force upon the creature, impaling it upon his spear. With one last roar the frost troll picks Asher up and throws him to the side. Pinned to the ground by the spear going through it, Sir Jaquavis comes up behind the monster and cutting its throat, puts it down.

Healing up with spells and potions, the group reorganizes themselves. Sir Plutarch throws Cassandra's limp unconscious body over his shoulders. He gives a boyish grin as he balances the redheaded Breton woman on his shoulders by putting a hand on her butt. Asher approaches the dead frost trolls, taking out a dagger, he cuts out their troll fat and distributes portions to it to everyone. Trollz seeing this whimpers sadly and looks away.

Trollz saves Hjaalmarch's independence by putting its existence in the year 4E 203. Thank you for that. Since that happened, I'll just have to figure out how it came to be my Months instead of years. The poll is not looking good in my favor anyway. Thanks again Trollz, I'm satisfied.