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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

Hjaalmarch0 wrote:Trollz saves Hjaalmarch's independence by putting its existence in the year 4E 203. Thank you for that. Since that happened, I'll just have to figure out how it came to be my Months instead of years. The poll is not looking good in my favor anyway. Thanks again Trollz, I'm satisfied.

(Lol I would take it with a grain of salt. Basically Trollz and crew comments on things that happen throughout the Empire as they pursue their adventures. This is kind of a theme I began with Trollz early on where he and his friends are on the periphery of many events. This is done through rumors, news, meeting characters affected by events, passive comments, etc. Trollz and his crew are merely Flawed Narrators of the events going on in Tamriel which directly and indirectly affect their stories. By being Flawed Narrators this allows them to connect their story to the wider Region, but also keeps them removed enough that one can merely write off their various wonderings about the other players and their lands as gossip.

In regards to the timeskip, I have decided to vote the 20 year timeskip. Personally I can really work around whatever is decided when I end this Saga. But I am heavily favoring a 20 year skip, since it gave me an idea recently where I could start the Third Trollz Saga off with the next generation of heroes. I suppose we'd either have to convince others to change their votes or elsewise change ours to a compromise of a 10 year timeskip. Personally I will need about 5-6 more posts to finish the 2nd Saga.)