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Telhárr Nasjonal


A new Constitution
With the toppling of the Terai Government long behind us and three months of a relatively stable rule under their belt, the Interim Unity Government today published the country's new Constitution. Although it does not bring Karthspiri into the status of being a fully democratic state, it does create local and national democratic mechanisms in the political framework as well as provides citizens with significant protections and rights; the likes of which are unparalleled in Karthspiri history. The new Constitution is to come into force on the 1st of January 1955 after which elections for the newly established Unicameral Legislature, the Rathá'Karthspirálla, are to take place.

Current Interim Executor, Patriarch Ara'iél of Elinhir, has announced his intention to step down from the role of Executor following those elections to allow the Legislature to elect a new Executor from its ranks.

Following that statement, the Patriarch announced that "only together can we push the bounds of our motherland forward. Karthspiris, Russians and Romanians standing together is the only way we can leave a stronger, healthier and more prosperous nation to our children. Today, we have proven that Karthspire is not the permanently medieval backwater some think it to be - instead we're capable of radical reform when necessary, this being a reform which will allow the power of our nation and potential of our economy to, truly, be unleashed unto the world."

Rearmament begins
Following the toppling of the Terai Regime, the list of reasons for Karthspire to remain a, mostly, disarmed nation have grown almost as short as the attention span of your average Selian child. Surrounded by hostile neighbours, with little defensive territory and the status of the Hegemony in the Ironpakt still uncertain and under renegotiation, the Interim Government today announced its intention to peg Military spending as 5% of GDP for the next decade in-order to undertake a program of rearmament; constructing a military-industrial complex in Karthspire from the ground up at a time when the nation as a whole is still only beginning to enter a period of great industrialisation.

Patriarch Ara'iél reportedly stated "we find ourselves centuries behind the rest of the world. We work the fields whilst the rest of the world works the markets, we fight on horseback as our enemies unleash devastation from the skies, we have no navy despite the old enemy, as ever, lingering on the other side of the Black Sea. We must make centuries of progress occur in mere decades else the world will crush us."

With this attitude of rearmament, large-scale public discussions have begun to arise surrounding the issue of Conscription. Although the current Army's volunteer manpower is more than sufficient and the tiered system of citizenship pushes people into the armed forces for a period regardless, many consider the utilisation of all the human resources available to the nation in its potential defence as necessary whereas others see it harking back to a time of foreign domination, when Russians pressed Karthspiri into service under feckless, incompetent, aristocratic Russian officers with no value on the lives of the troops under their command.

New public holiday declared
The foundation of our new Karthspiri state is, without a doubt, complete. In this spirit, the Government has declared a new national holiday to be celebrated each and every year with street parties, special sermons and mass ceremonies as well as huge military parades. The day is to, henceforth, be known as Hegemony Day and is to fall on the 10th of January each year. The day is to be accompanied by a day off for all Citizens and, in years where the holiday falls on a Sunday, the day off is transferred to the following Monday

Freehold Senate issues an opinion; how surprising
When the Freehold Senate issued a formal opinion condemning our new State, they torpedoed any hope of repairing Karthspiri-Ephyral relations damaged so heavily by recent events. When the Freehold's institutions refuse to recognise our Government, they believe they are taking a stand for their nation, making a statement about Ephyral power projection and their willingness to protect not only the ability of the Freehold to project its power but also of its ability to protect its own culture and way of life. To those, our new Hegemony is no threat. We have few interests beyond our borders and simply wish to better our state and the lot of our people, to work hard and make our country better so that those who come after us do not have to struggle as we must.

When the Freehold refuses to recognise us, they are effectively burying their heads in the sand; doing so out of a fear for what a resurgent Karthspiri nation may mean for them. Instead, it would be in the interests of the Freehold and their Citizens to recognise the world how it really is, not how they wish it to be, and to attempt to fix the strained relations which terrifies them so when it comes to the matter of a resurgent Karthspiri state.

Pontics players in the Illinalta?
The recent escalation of the situation in the Illinalta (Black Sea) by the Pontic Maritime Force is, certainly, a precaution against what they view as a resurgent Karthspire. What it is, however, is an unnecessary one. Unfortunately, for many years now the Pontic Kingdom has been all but placed under the thumb of the Freehold, forced to sing from its hymnbook. The flexing of the naval power of the Pontic Kingdom against us at a time when the Hegemony possesses no fully constructed vessel capable of Maritime combat operations and when the Freehold, their masters in all but name, are condemning our new state should come as a surprise only to the deaf and dumb.

Such threats against our sovereignty best not be taken seriously. It is only a matter of time before our Orthodox brothers in the Pontic Kingdom come to realise they'd serve their people better by representing their own interests as opposed to those of the Archon.