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The Western Star: 22/09/1954, Channel #2

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A team of student and faculty researchers at The University of Iacon has completed the first round of testing of an, until now fully hypothetical, transistorized computer. Jokingly dubbing their new creation "Computron". The advanced computer tested at the university does not yet eclipse conventional computers, but certainly is a step in the right direction. The potential applications include advancements in fields such as missile guidance and mathematics. With these advancements on the line, Ascoobis is in a hot race with the rest of the world to refine and hone this technology in order to maintain the edge in our increasingly more sophisticated and interconnected world.

Airliner of the Future

Ascoobis' exhibit at this year's world fair will be one for the history books. The Ascoobian-Tibetan ambassador will unveil the future in jet passenger travel. The massive Aviscia 200 is a four-engined jet airliner. Its revolutionary turbofan engines are far more efficient and quieter than preceding turbojet engines that powered the previous generation of passenger planes. With its greater efficiency, it also has a much greater range than its competitors. Able to transport 150 passengers 10,000 kilometers, this new titan of the air will certainly dominate and be the gold standard for competing designs for years to come. The prototype on display will be shown in the colors of Tibetan Airlines.

In good faith, the Ascoobian Government will be gifting the first production Aviscia 200 to Ranjung Dorje as congratulations for his ascension to Karmapa Lama.

Second Great War Museum

The old Darkmount International Airport, just several kilometers from the larger, new one, is currently being converted to a museum commemorating the grand struggle that our world faced not even a decade ago. Carefully restored equipment from all involved nations, including controversial Ascoobian war trophies, will be put on display. The entire area of 225 hectares will be devoted to this museum, however, a runway and hangar will be preserved for the easier transportation of aircraft exhibits. Diplomatic envoys have been sent abroad to negotiate the acquisition of foreign equipment.

Rumors of a covert mission to Karthspire to purchase or trade seized German and Russian Great War-legacy equipment have not been specifically denied or confirmed by the Department of Culture.

Thanks is Upon Us!

The yearly month-long holiday of celebration and harvest is embraced by Ascoobians once again. As such, we at The Western Star will be cutting our operating hours for the length of this national holiday. For our foreign friends that may be confused by this tradition, allow us to explain:

It is believed in Ascoobian mythology that our God of the Hunt, Ikon, gave the hunter-gather Ascoobian society corn and the secret to perform advanced agriculture during a particularly harsh famine. Archeological evidence points to the harsh winter described in the myth to have taken place in the 1300’s during the early period of the event known commonly as the Little Ice Age. As a result, according to the legend, Ascoobis slowly transformed into an agricultural society with the hardy maize plant at its core. This massive increase in sustenance fueled to the following Golden Age and the rise of Ascoobis as what could be considered a nation.

However, this was a grave sacrifice for Ikon, as the Ascoobian people would no longer depend on nature for subsistence. To show their gratitude, the harvest period in Fall is dedicated to this generous deity. A month where every town holds a festival of celebration and feasting. Any foreigners are encouraged to enjoy the festivities. Fair warning, The Cult of Ikon is known for ritualistically sacrificing live animals at this time of the year. Please take care avoid their designated known churches for your own safety.

Vos Power Grid

Several years after the announcement of the national government's energy revolution, a city-wide blackout struck last night in Ascoobis' first one-hundred percent nuclear-powered major city. The cause is unknown, but locals are reported to have seen smoke originating from the now-cordoned-off power station just off the California Gulf Coast. The City Guard has been mobilized to enforce the order for citizen to remain indoors. This is even though the power outage means no hot water or even running water for homes. No word yet from local authorities on how serious the situation is regarding the nuclear plant. The Guard has also been reportedly setting up checkpoints to control the stream of government vehicles, both humanitarian and military, pouring in and organize a quarantine of the city.

Unrest in Europe

After years of thick tensions, the Government of Karthspiri has been driven from power by a popular uprising in conjunction with military coup. The conspirators have formed and solidified an interim government and inform the citizens to prepare for a long struggle against whatever remains of President Terai's loyalists at home and abroad. However, nothing yet is known of a response from the deposed president. Their current goals are to fully mobilize their economy and population in preparation for a German counterattack. Which would in most circumstances lead to eventual economic collapse, but that is seemingly not happening at the moment.

To understand the international implications, our Director of Defense has delivered a statement.

“Russia has been a nonvariable state since the Great War. No one concerns themselves with the opinions of a rump state. Nonetheless, this eruption of madness in Karthspire upsets the delicate balance in the region between Germany and Ephyra. There will no doubt be a German military reaction. They won’t let this embarrassment to their honor and geopolitical clout stand. This show of force in Eastern Europe will not sit well with the nearby Ephyral. Furthermore, this chink in Germany’s Ironpakt could be the opportunity that Ephyral needs to secure its interests in the region.

All this political maneuvering could get out of hand fast. For the sake of preventing a conflict that would escalate into another Great War and ravage the Balkans, Ascoobis offers to host peace talks on neutral ground between all the effected powers. Perhaps even send an empty, lone Great War-vintage Carrier to the Mediterranean to speed this whole diplomatic mission along. If the new government in Karthspire intends to be a stabilizing force in the region I see no reason why peace cannot be salvaged.”

Nordamy and Karthspirije