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Region: The Empire of Tamriel


Northern skyrim wrote:can i ask if im still high king of skyrim because it seems that way as i havent gotten any telegrams of other pushing a claim against my holding of the crown!

If i am Correct, I only claim 3 Skyrim Holds. The Empire won the civil war, therefore, Skyrim is still an Imperial Province and finally Solitude is still the capital of Imperial Skyrim. By regional rules, I have chosen my claims first for my roleplay nation. The Kingdom of Hjaalmarch has control over Hjaalmarch Hold, The Pale Hold, and The Winterhold. Also wouldn't that also mean that High Queen Elisif is your Queen? We do not plan on overclaiming or war against you, just following the rules. Which reminds me, The Emperor of Tamriel have you fix the claiming error? It says i claim Markarth but i don't have a claim over The Reach nor plan on it.