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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

(Lol if I might make a suggestion, why not just make the matter of Skyrim and the claims and counter-claims and sorta politicking between Skyrim's factions and players and such a part of the RP?

But I mean do whatever ya'll want, just a suggestion, lol I'm just a merry Fellowship of the Trollz passing through the fair land of Skyrim lol. Trollz and Crew will arrive in Dawnstar tonight and I figured I'd use that post as a sorta more passive post analyzing Hjaalmarch0 and other Skyrim political affairs from the party's point of view and good old NPC town gossip/rumors.

Also I have thought lately to make a status of forces report like my old reports. My problem is I am too lazy lol and also now with all the players, plus the Akaviri that's quite a lot. But just for the sake of posterity this is the current cast of the Fellowship of the Trollz for the Second Trollz Saga;

The Fellowship of the Trollz (Currently in Skyrim):

1 Wood Elf Reluctant Hero named Maerwyn
1 Nord Damsel In Distress named Medea
1 Orc Chivalric Knight named Sir Mazog
1 Breton Oracle named Cassandra
1 Dunmer Tribal Warrior named Asher
1 Redguard modelled after Legolas from LOTR named Sir Jaquavis
1 Imperial modelled after Gimli from LOTR named Sir Plutarch
1 Troll to rule them all, one troll to find them, one troll to bring them all and for the sake of entertainment bind them! Named Trollz. )