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Region: The Empire of Tamriel


Trollz wrote:(Lol if I might make a suggestion, why not just make the matter of Skyrim and the claims and counter-claims and sorta politicking between Skyrim's factions and players and such a part of the RP?

But I mean do whatever ya'll want, just a suggestion, lol I'm just a merry Fellowship of the Trollz passing through the fair land of Skyrim lol. Trollz and Crew will arrive in Dawnstar tonight and I figured I'd use that post as a sorta more passive post analyzing Hjaalmarch0 and other Skyrim political affairs from the party's point of view and good old NPC town gossip/rumors.

Also I have thought lately to make a status of forces report like my old reports. My problem is I am too lazy lol and also now with all the players, plus the Akaviri that's quite a lot. But just for the sake of posterity this is the current cast of the Fellowship of the Trollz for the Second Trollz Saga;

The Fellowship of the Trollz (Currently in Skyrim):

1 Wood Elf Reluctant Hero named Maerwyn
1 Nord Damsel In Distress named Medea
1 Orc Chivalric Knight named Sir Mazog
1 Breton Oracle named Cassandra
1 Dunmer Tribal Warrior named Asher
1 Redguard modelled after Legolas from LOTR named Sir Jaquavis
1 Imperial modelled after Gimli from LOTR named Sir Plutarch
1 Troll to rule them all, one troll to find them, one troll to bring them all and for the sake of entertainment bind them! Named Trollz. )

I mean your not wrong we could, but to be legit in the roleplay, Northern skyrim has been absent for awhile which im sure is probably not his fault but never the less, Me and the The Emperor of Tamriel along with a few NPCs in the roleplay has already agreed and signed Hjaalmarch0's Declaration of Independence. Therefore, I don't see a reason to go backwards because a fellow RP member was absent. However, if it comes to it I would love to get involved in a RP with Northern skyrim but Hjaalmarch0 must remain Independent from Skyrim and the Empire. But thank you Trollz for the suggestion, your a good person to go to for RP help. You may visit and continue your journeys in the Kingdom of Hjaalmarch as long as you want. As long you don't break any laws we have(even tho we're not rich enough to enforce them yet lol).