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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Kaiserliche Nachrichten Netzwerk (KNN) - Broadcast of Tuesday, 28th December, 1954
| Gott Mit Uns |

Good afternoon citizens of the Ironpakt, my name is Ronald Burgund with today's news, starting with today's top story's:

Karthspirije Revolution

Just last week the former satellite state of the German Empire, Karthspirije, experienced a military coup leading to its declaration of an independent state of the Kaiser. It was said that this was inevitable as the satellite government was said to be fairly backwards and dictatorial over the people of Karthspirije. Since then it felt like the whole world has been awaiting the response of Kaiser Ferdinand, and now he gives a speech responding to each of the topics risen between the two nations.

"As already said, the newly formed government of Karthspirije and the German Imperial government have since been going through extensive negotiations on where relations will go in the future between us. Several major topics have been set out and decided on, the German government will recognize the independent of Karthspirije, on the condition that they remain a close and loyal member of the Ironpakt, the German government will agree to giving financial type compensation for current imports depending on the position for both sides for each, the German government will allow the rearmament of the Karthspirije so long as all if not the majority of equipment remains German, the ability to conduct independent foreign relations, and finally the Ironpakt military presence will stay so long as they collaborate with the Karthspirije military, and vice versa."

We will provide more details later.

Cerman Man hospitalized after eating Viennese Clinics phones

Yesterday a Cerman born man reportedly charged into a local clinic in Vienna and quickly managed to chew and swallow the majority of the clinics phones, before collapsing in agony. "We just watched in both horror and astonishment," says said clinics secretary, "It was like some form of natural terrorism!". The man who wishes to stay anonymous told reporters that the local Burger Baron was closed, so in a mix of both anger and hunger the man charged into the clinic a block down and began to eat their phones. Whether the clinic wants to push charges is unknown.


Well that's going to do it for us, i'm Ronald Burgund with the Imperial News Network, have a classy night Germany.