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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

Dawnstar 12th Sun's Dawn, 4E 203

It is still dark, about an hour before the morning light in Dawnstar as the party awakes and begins preparing to set out. They had arrived in the city the day prior. Sir Mazog, Sir Jaquavis, and Sir Plutarch had separately met with the authorities of Hjaalmarch0 on behalf of the Empire and been gone all the previous day and into the night. They arrive at the Windpeak Inn at about 4:30 in the morning to find Maerwyn down in the general bar area smoking a pipe and eating breakfast.

"So are we ready?" Sir Mazog says curtly, having a bit of a headache, to Maerwyn as the legionnaires sit down at the table and join him.

"Eh who knows with the women, they take a while." Maerwyn laughs. "Asher didn't come back last night, he went to the Dunmer Quarter of the city. How did your meeting with this fellow Ogrug-cat go?" Maerwyn grins and looks over to a group of Nords sitting nearby looking at the motley crew of adventurers with some scorn.

"His name is King Ogrug-gat of Hjaalmarch0. Well we didn't meet with him, but we met with his governor, the Jarl, but anyways, the talks went well...." Sir Mazog says vaguely and thinks to himself hazily for a moment recalling the day previous to himself.


Earlier the day before Trollz and company come up to Dawnstar, now a much bigger city proper being a major city of Hjaalmarch0. Before entering the city they have Trollz transform himself into a horker and hang out lowkey underwater hidden in a pond while the rest of the party enters the city. Blubbery Trollz in horker form belly flops into the waters swimming around merrily for a bit until the party is out of sight before diving and feeding on some taste seaweeds.

Entering the outskirts of Dawnstar there is a vast quarter of the various races besides the Nords. The most populous of the minority races are the Dunmer. This slummy part of the city though is host to a fair mix of many of the other races, a stark surprise for Skyrim. Asher looks around astounded at the Nordic style homes and the Dunmer in Nordic clothing going about their days. Even for the diverse crowd here, seeing an Ashlander in full chitin tribal style gear is something of a spectacle.

"What is this? What are you doing my brothers? Why are you dressed like the N'Wah?" Asher's raspy voice cries out as he detaches from the party and approaches a group of Dunmer looking at him. They laugh and walk past him and some Khajiti off to the side selling merchandise in the streets laugh. Another Dunmer in finer clothing and two Nords go walking by talking business and flashing some money. "You have let the N'Wah corrupt you with gold!" Asher shouts at the Dunmer.

"Hey beat it gramps, I ain't got the time." The young Dunmer says and his Nordic friends push Asher aside and walk on and enter a shop.

"And what is this, you even would mix with the N'Wah?!" Asher gets up and turn about to see a Dunmer girl and an Imperial holdings hands walking by,

"My brothers and sister I beseech you, give up these N'Wah customs and return to Morrowind the land of your proud Dunmer ancestors!" Asher bellow out and some Dunmer passing by laugh, while some other people look at him in his strange garb.

"There's no future in Morrowind, haha you're just a bunch of bumpkins we're making good money and work here in Hjaalmarch0." Another young Dunmer says from the crowd and the others laugh.

"This is not true, Morrowind is the land of your fathers. The Argonians are driven back, the Akaviri have been fended off. Even a stable kingdom like Great redoran now exists. My sons you have been corrupted to join the N'Wah and forget your people the proud Dunmer..." The elder Asher pleads in his raspy voice with the crowd.

"Well I think I am beginning to understand Felicity a lot more. Come on, I think Asher will be at this for a while." Maerwyn laughs and the Party leave him to preach in the streets.


The rest of the Party besides Asher enter the nice Nordic side of town and closer to the longhouse where the governor stays. Here Sir Mazog, Sir Jaquavis, and Sir Plutarch enter the longhouse leaving Maerwyn, Medea, and Cassandra to explore the town and get supplies as needed and arrange their lodgings at the inn. The three legionnaires enter the luxurious Nordic hall of Dawnstar where now a new Jarl on behalf of Hjaalmarch0 sits. After addressing the formalities they begin to talk.

"Our King Ogrug-gat has founded Hjaalmarch0 and has obtained independence from the The Emperor of Tamriel and the treaty ratified. What was the meaning of your visit here?" The Jarl asks passively.

"We have heard as much, and the Empire keeps its commitments we hope your blossoming Kingdom will realize. We have come though on other matters. Ourselves and the group we travel with have come from the Battle of Baan Malur. The Akaviri have begun invading Tamriel, and everyone in Tamriel is under threat of this enemy whether they are part of the Empire or not. We have merely come to bear the news and forewarning to your lordship as we pass through on our way to Whiterun and wish safe passage." Sir Mazog gives a curt bow and explains the meaning of their visit.

"Yes we are aware of the Akaviri presence I assure you, but it seems they have not yet set foot in Skyrim. Was that all?" The Jarl says dismissively.

"Well, your grace, I do not think you understand the gravity of the situation. Right now from last the reports we have heard Skyrim has only gone unconquered because Ardoland has engaged the Akaviri navy not far out to sea from your coast regions, though as to what the outcome of that battle is, well who is to say. Great redoran is also not very far from your new lands borders and Northern skyrim and Skyrim And Nordic Peoples are also factions in the land that have to be warned of the possible threat of the Akaviri. Do you not think it is rather time for all of Tamriel to unite under the The Emperor of Tamriel lest the Akaviri send a second wave and manage to actually gain a foothold on Tamriel?" Sir Mazog beseeches the Jarl passionately whom looks at him for a while and then smiles widely.

"Ah you have a good heart young orc, much like our noble king whom is an orc too. But consider Hjaalmarch0 is a refuge for many of the non-Nords here in Skyrim. Founding a new nation is not easy, much less holding it together. We only just obtained independence from the Empire. Akavir while it may be a threat at sometime in the future that time is not now. Just as likely as more may come, wel perhaps they are also truly beaten all ready, in which case it is best for us to not to get entangled too deeply with the Empire." The Jarl smiles and rises and the three legionnaires give a curt bow. "And any ways I am not the king of Hjaalmarch0, that is my lord King Ogrug-Gat. I am just a Jarl, I cannot promise any such actions you suggest no matter how noble or na´ve they would be."

"We understand, thank you, your excellence." Sir Jaquavis says.

"I can allow you safe passage though of course, you may go in peace and the Kingdom thanks you for the information. I would like to invite the three of you to enjoy the time here feasting and drinking mead if it pleases you." The Jarl says jovially as some Nordic women come bearing horns of mead to them all.

They enter the mead hall part of the longhouse and proceed feasting and drinking all night with the Jarl and the nobles of Dawnstar. Sir Mazog, fairly drunk after just two horns passes out, it is his first time drinking mead. Sir Jaquavis does not drink but instead entertains himself with some pretty Nordic women. Pounding through the mead horns one after the other Sir Plutarch almost wins a drinking contest against a Nord but then the two begin arguing and bragging at eachother. This ends up in a fist fight to the glee of the crowd which Sir Plutarch wins earning him a little bit of gold which he then spends on more mead. Near the morning Sir Mazog wakes up with a hangover and the three Legionnaires leave the Hall to find Maerwyn and the others.


Returning to today the first rays of dawn appear over Dawnstar as the Party as they find Asher sleeping in the streets in the non-Nordic Quarter and wake him up. Roused out of his sleep the old Ashlander looks sadly around a the small but quaint apartments and houses his Dunmer counterparts living in Skyrim are fast asleep in. Moving through the streets slowly at a pace either just waking up, or in the case of Sir Plutarch and Sir Jaquavis, having been up all night, they leave Dawnstar behind. Walking outside the city on clear but still chilly day they find Trollz in horker form in the pond where they left him. Trollz changes back and the group turns around and circumventing the city, head south, on their way to Whiterun.

Great redoran and Hjaalmarch0