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Region: Union of Conservative Nations s


The Kingdoms of The British Empire wrote:So your saying The Kingdoms of The Holy Roman Empire isnít European? Ok! I WILL COMMAND THAT YOU DISSOLVE AND DISMISS ALL OF YOUR OFFICERS! This region is going to be administered UNDER BRITISH CROWN AMD BRITISH GOVERNOR ONLY!!

Confederate states of america s wrote:Nope! Your region is childish anyways. Iíve read your rmb and itís hilariously childish. Anyways I can easily dismiss the British Governor but Iím not going to do that as Iím respectful. And btw British Governor canít alter appearance so yeah you guys donít have much power here. Just because your region owns our region, doesnít mean you can take advantage of us. Union of Conservative Nations s is a place for conservatives and peace. Not constant war over stupid tiny things going on in Europe.

Yeah, maybe we shouldn't even be owned by the British Empire anyways, you talk mean to my friends I take you DOWN!

Confederate states of america s and Hamburgville