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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

Great redoran

Ald-Ruhn, Central Vvardenfell
After the great battles against the Akaviri in the far-northwestern city of Blacklight, the King Symmachus Shofets returned to Ald-Ruhn triumphantly, amidst a raucous and patriotic celebration of his return. Of the 43,000 he had gathered a few months ago, nearly 33,000 remained, and much of the army had shed troops as they progressed through Vvardenfell, with the soldiers returning to their families, and the Ashlanders to their tribes.

The Great Palace that had been built after Red Year, dubbed, New Skar, was the King's destination: he progressed through the streets atop a great military parade, with drums, chants, and songs as the soldiers, drunk on victory, were cheered on by the populace. Within the parade, there were many champions and warriors, showing off their loot and trophies; there were also a number of captives, snakemen and snow-demons, who would be kept as military trophies for an indefinite amount of time, likely in the service of the noble lords and ladies of the city.

New Skar, Ald-Ruhn
Upon his entrance into the fortress, Symmachus was instantaneously beset by courtiers, commanders, and noblewomen, all trying their hand at being the first to congratulate him. He bypassed the vast majority, accepting several compliments here and there, and continued to his quarters, where his heavily pregnant wife, Rawia, was resting. Having caught up with the queen, he then progressed to his most trusted advisers, his generals. They spoke to him plainly and openly, and suggested a number of full-frontal wars to keep the Redoran as the strongest house. As this was a normal, and generally standard Redoran doctrine, Symmachus thought nothing of it, as his numbers were depleted, and the people, although celebrating, were likely quite war-weary. However, when they spoke to him of a new plan for expansion and settlement, he was intrigued.

"What we propose, your majesty," said his good friend and general Horaz Llethras, "is to restrict Ashlander movement, freeing up a great deal of land to settle. We can promise the land to the soldiers who just returned." "Then," joined in General Mawic, "We can attempt to educate and reform these Ashlander groups, and incorporate them into Redoran society. Our population will skyrocket! No one will doubt the greatest house by then."

Symmachus, realizing the implications behind this, was obviously reluctant. However, due to Sadras incursions recently, as well as Telvanni intrigue and clandestine operations, he also realized the necessity for a show of force, an increase in strength, and a firm demonstration that the Redoran were the ruling house of Morrowind, and would not be questioned.

The Ahemmusa Tribe, West Gash
The Ashlanders were practicing the daily lives of tribal nomads, skinning and hunting nix, alit, and wild guar. It was an average day in the hardscrabble and poor life of the tribe, but they were steeped in tradition, and payed their backward ways no heed. Suddenly, the noise of a Redoran convoy's drums breaks the serenity. The Ashlanders, many of whom recently fought in the Baan Malur engagements, gather their weapons and prepare for an assault. However, the Redoran do not draw their arms, and when they enter yelling distance, they say "We mean no harm!"

The Ahemmusa, reluctant because of the martial nature of the Convoy, discuss with each other, and decide to trust the Settled House's promises. The Redoran commander then reads a proclamation from the King Shofets, stating, "The Ahemmusa Ashlander Tribe of West Gash is granted the permanent ownership, in perpetuity, of 2,000 fertile Acres in the Northwestern District of West Gash. Accordingly, said tribe will be expected to till the land and soil, and settle the land, and they will not migrate outside of their reservation without a passport granted by an emissary of the King, that shall act as ambassador to the Tribe. The Ahemmusa Tribe will be allowed, and encouraged, to continue their traditions within their allotted territory; however, the King has sent teachers of the New Temple to educate the Ahemmusa in reading and writing, as well as other skills, such as craftsmanship. If the Ahemmusa agree to all arrangements, than they shall ready themselves, and we shall escort the Tribe to their designated holding, where the King shall adopt them to be citizens of the House of Redoran."

The Ahemmusa, a proud but weakened tribe after sending many fighting men to their death, did not see a realistic way to resist the Redoran's absorption of their tribe, and the leader, a grizzled Ashlander champion, scrawled an illiterate signature onto the King's decree. After all, they had fought for King Symmachus, so why would he steer them the wrong way? The Redoran escort waited until sunrise the next morning, when the nomadic tribe had packed, likely for the last time, and they set off.

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