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Telhárr Nasjonal


New Executor elected
Following January's elections to the Rathá'Karthspirálla, debate was permitted to proceed on the election of a new Executor to replace the interim administration. After two months of candidacies, voting and debate on the issue, Arkaril [finálla'Alykir í-Odessa] Ralatsén, of the National Peoples' Committee, was elected the first Executor of the Hegemony. In his first speech to the nation, televised from the Rathá, he promised to divert all the nation's resources towards reconstruction and pledged to put together a team capable of doing so. He later went on to confirm his stance on Karthspire's position in the Ironpakt and promised to protect the nation's security by remaining a member declaring, "there exists no other people who truly know the horror of seeing their homeland burn and the bodies of their people piled up or in chains. We shall not see our homeland burn again."

As the first act of his new office, Executor Ralatsén signed orders laying the groundwork for formal diplomatic relations between the Hegemony and several other nations including Tibet, Ascoobis and the Pontic Kingdom. Time will tell how the world will respond in their formal relations with the Hegemony.

The Fleet casts off
As part of the rearmament program started late last year by the Hegemony's interim Government, plans for the construction of a Navy for the Hegemony were sped up. Today saw the first fruits of this project with the launching of 5 brand new Submarines from their drydocks in Alinair: KHS Arja Sérínn, KHS Auraja, KHS Arhél, KHS Tseránn and KHS Srilánn.

These Submarines compose a fraction of what's planned for the future Karthspiri Fleet with Government plans announced to hand out new contracts to shipbuilding companies, and make funds available for payment to them, in the new budget which is expected to be announced soon after the appointment of new Sub-Executors by new Executor Ralatsén.