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Rocky peaks wrote:The reason for the Delegate not having executive power is safety. The Delegate (the President) will receive full powers once the relocation is complete, the Constitution is ratified by referendum, and the presidential elections are held.

This is correct -- or sooner, if it's warranted.

The Delegate of Thalassia not having executive power is a temporary measure while the transition is ongoing. With the Delegate's endorsement count so low, it would be easy for someone to invade Thalassia and seize the Delegacy. So instead of granting executive power to the position of Delegate, for now full Regional Officer powers have been granted to the office holder, Rockiberg (aka Rocky peaks) instead. Once the Delegate has a sufficient number of endorsements, full executive power will be reinstated to the Delegacy. And as Rocky Peaks has made clear, there will be a new constitution voted on by referendum in Thalassia, as well as fresh elections. But all of that has to wait until the transition is complete and folks have moved to Thalassia. So please ignore our enemies stirring up trouble and head on over to Thalassia so you can be part of the discussion on the new constitution, participate in elections when the time comes for that, etc.

Remaining in Pacifica long-term is not an option, and attempting to gather further endorsements without authorization is prohibited. It will just slow down the transition and cause division, which is what our enemies are hoping will happen. Again, all of this was voted on democratically and unanimously by the Cabinet, joined by the Vice President. These are the leaders Pacificans have elected to represent the region and make decisions like this, so please trust them -- and me -- and not some random, anonymous person behind a poorly spelled and out of touch telegram. The reason we're moving to Thalassia is so our community can be secure against intruders like this person who want to destabilize, divide, and ultimately conquer the community. We won't be conquered. We're moving to Thalassia so we can be stronger, more secure, and have more freedom to do the things we as a community want to do without having to worry about it being too risky for a founderless region. It's going to be a very positive step for this community and I hope everyone in Pacifica will be part of it. Thank you.