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Region: Lazarus

Loftegen 2 wrote:National Aerospace Defence Center, buried beneath the Ravenberg, northwest of Altenburg

"Show Wraith strike results," High General Yong ordered. The relevant data quickly appeared on one of the observation room's many screens. Unlike the people playing attacker and defender, Yong and his staff (and guests) had immediate access to the results of actions taken.

Strikes ordered: 24

Strikes carried out: 22

Strikes successful: 7 - target destroyed, 100% casualties.

Strikes partly successful: 4

Target 2 directly hit, but bomb not powerful enough. 80% damage, 75% casualties.

Target 7 close near miss. 70% damage, 70% casualties.

Target 14 near miss. 50% damage, 45% casualties.

Target 18 near miss. 30% damage, 15% casualties.

Strikes unsuccessful: 13

In eight cases, the bomb landed in the vicinity of its target but not close enough to do meaningful damage. In three cases, no there was no target near the impact point. In two cases the aircraft was destroyed before it could release its weapon.

A list of high value Orange leadership killed and wounded followed, the number one target not being among them. Overall the attack was judged to have been 37% effective.

"Well," Yong said, "That could have gone better."

Gro▀admiral Claussen knew that the location of Orange's command bunkers was randomly generated, as was the accuracy of Loftegen 2's knowledge of those locations. It seemed that they had either failed some of their "gather information" rolls, or their "to hit" rolls. Or both.

"Twelve megatons of firepower to kill 9000 people? Yes, it could have gone better," Claussen agreed.

Yong chuckled. "Hopefully the next phase will bear more fruit," he said.

Below them, the main screen of the main command center - attacker headquarters - was beginning to sparkle with points of light: missile launch indications, as crews across Loftegen 2 carried out their exercise orders. The missile people weren't central to Schedule, which was about aircraft coordination, but any realistic scenario required their participation, and they would be scored on their reaction times.

The question was, how long would it take Orange to respond? Probably not too long, since they knew they were under attack already, and had been planning to launch their own attack anyway. Still, it took a little over seven minutes for the first launch indications out of Orange, about 40% longer than expected, and the launches were spread over a longer time than Loftegen 2's had been. Evidence of damage to the command, control, and communications systems of the enemy.

Since the exercise was playing out in real time, Yong and Claussen now had about twenty minutes to wait for the next round of results.

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Loftegen 2