by Max Barry

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Region: The Wolf Clan

There are so many places all across the world that climate strikes took place. This was the largest climate change activism strike that has ever happened on earth till date.
There were many unique and interesting ways of getting people's attention such as Vancouver, B.C.'s "drop dead" strike, New York's strike with Greta Thunberg and many more.
There were strikes that happened in 156 nations across the globe and many were kids.

What don't the government's get about climate change if the people want it. Why aren't the government's of the world changing and adapting to the people's needs?
It's because they aren't serious enough!

We have to take action now and that starts with cutting back emissions any way you can. Yes, money will be spent in making the world cleaner and that is what the government's are afraid of...spending more money but that is the only way as it will be much cheaper in the long run!

For Mother Earth!!