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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

The Emperor of Tamriel wrote:(Just to let you guys who are new know. I usually don't rp, and haven't in a very very long time. I'm much too busy and spend my vital time i do have on NS with administrative duties and double checking to make sure the region rums smoothly. Though i do encourage members to step up and lead the region, i will still act as Emperor. I take more pleasure in serving the people and making sure our region is guided in the right direction and protected from raiders. On that note, i hope our roleplaying world continues to kick off and everyone is having fun. ^_^ )

(I'll be sure to enjoy this region as much as I can, Not really the best roleplayer, but I'm sure you guys are a fun bunch)

The Emperor of Tamriel, Trollz, and Hjaalmarch0