by Max Barry

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Region: The Empire of Tamriel

Wedding Day 24th Sun's Dawn, 4E 203

Bells chime throughout the city of Whiterun as the day draws towards its end. After about a week of preparation the wedding is set. Maerwyn and company sit inside the Companion's hall as the bells begin to sound, signaling that the bride and the clergy are passing though. Madai stands up and glances over at Maerwyn with a long silent and serious look. Madai exitd the Companion's hall and join Medea and the priestess and head for the Sleeping Tree Camp ahead of the groom.
After about an hour elapses and the bride's entourage are well past Whiterun, the bells begin to chime again. Maerwyn nervously looks up, he is dressed in fine clothing. Asher and a few Companions nod to him that it is okay for him to start on his way now. Maerwyn, Trollz, and Asher exit the hold and rendezvous with Sirs Mazog, Jaquavis, and Plutarch. Cassandra has gone ahead with Medea to serve as a maid of honor. The group marches towards Sleeping Tree Camp, which is about an hour's walk away from Whiterun.

A beautiful red sunset plays across the sky as the party reaches the Sleeping Tree Camp. A small group of Companions stand around, the priestess of Kynareth behind an altar looks ahead at Maerwyn and gives him a smile. Madai stands by looking stern-faced with Cassandra off to his side wearing a pretty blue dress. The three Imperial Legionnaires and Asher take their spots as the groomsmen. Trollz gives a happy trollshriek of excitement and sits down by the glowing tree which the camp is named after.

Maerwyn looks up as he walks out of a tent and sees Medea standing in front of the altar with her father by her side. Her white wedding gown hangs elegantly about her. Her blonde hair is done up in an elegant knot. Her large beautiful eyes stare out from under her veil and a mirthful smile plays across her plushy lips. Medea is simply stunning.

"We are gathered here today to witness the union of two souls in marriage." The priestess of Kynareth begins as Maerwyn walks up to the altar and takes Medea's hands in his own. "The bride and the groom may now read their vows to eachother."

"Medea, I vow to love you through thick and thin, through every adventure we have shared and will share hereafter. You have been my love through my darkest times, and you have been my love in my happiest times. For sickness you loved me, and in health you loved me. I vow to love you until my last day." Maerwyn reads off a little paper he had written on, stumbling a little bit for nervousness, before finishing.

"Maerwyn, I vow to love you for the rest of my life. I will follow you wherever you lead me, whether in hardship or good times. I love you with all my heart and I will never abandon your side as your wife for as long as we both shall live." Medea smiles.

"If there are any objections to why these two should be married, speak now, or forever hold your peace." The Priestess of Kynareth says looking over the small crew, and casting a long glance at Madai, whom says nothing. "Then by the power invested in me by the Divines, I now pronounce you husband and wife. May you love each other until death does you part."

Maerwyn lifts the veil over Medea's large eyes and she blushes looking back up into his eyes. Drawing Medea to him Maerwyn embraces her in a long kiss, sealing their matrimony in each other's lips. Maerwyn clasps Medea hand and the newlyweds descend the altar. As they reach the bottom step suddenly Madai cries out.


"Til death do they part indeed!" Madai shouts and with a fluid motion retrieves his axe from his side.

Madai lifts his axe up, preparing to bring it down on Maerwyn as his back is turned. In a fluid motion Sir Jaquavis jumps in front of Madai and lifts up his arms with a shout of warning to his friend. Bringing down the axe with a furious swing, the edge of the axe rends off Sir Jaquavis' left arm just below the elbow. A terrible scream issues from the Redguard warrior as his hacked off arm falls to the ground, the terrible wound gushing blood, he passes out from the shock and massive loss of blood.

Sir Plutarch, seeing his friend lose his arm, tackles Madai. The burly Imperial quite forcefully knocks Madai from the altar and the two begin to tussle on the ground exchanging punches. Four Companions that had come also to the wedding unsheathe their weapons. Medea discharges the Finger of the Mountain into one, ending his life in a flash before he can swing his terrible war hammer. Another Companion begins to attack Sir Mazog. The orc without his shield and sword dodges and ducks the assault, but finally with a sickening crack of the Companion's mace, the young orc Legionnaire falls limp to the ground unconscious. Trollz leaps in before the Companion can finish off Sir Mazog, and begins pummeling the assailant to death.

The other two Companions are attacking Asher whom, artfully bops and weaves through them. Asher finds an opening and dashes past them and they give him a pursuit. Asher runs up the glowing tree and with a mighty leap bounds into the dying branches of the tree. With a tremendous snap he breaks off a branch of the Sleeping Tree and jumps from the tree in a rapid motion just as the Companions reach him. The Dunmer chieftain lands on one of his opponents, his feet planted into the chest of his foe, floors the Companion to the ground, and at the same time with a fluid strike, Asher drives the branch through the man's skull. The other Companion rounds on Asher and the two begin to duel.

Madai delivers a series of thunderous punches to Sir Plutarch's face, breaking his nose, and knocking the portly Imperial unconscious. Madai looks up to see Medea, Maerwyn, Cassandra, and the Priestess of Kynareth fleeing back towards Whiterun. The Nord warrior retrieves his axe from the ground and bolts after them as the sky turns to twilight. Trollz after finishing off his foe notices this and jumps up and bounds after Madai, intercepting him. The two begin to fight ferociously. Trollz lands several strong blows on Madai, causing him to drop his axe. Madai delivers a strong kick to Trollz forcing him back. The two again begin to fight hand to hand. Madai is strong for a man, and musclebound, he takes several punches from Trollz, while delivering a few back. Staggering Trollz with a few punches Madai retrieves his axe. As Madai and Trollz prepare to square off again, suddenly Madai gives out a loud yell as a small throwing knife hits his shoulder from behind. Madai turns about to see Maerwyn standing by with Medea.

"It's over father, give up." Medea pleads to her father as Asher, after finishing his duel victoriously, dashes over and Cassandra powers up a spell.

"You disgraceful brat! You dishonor me, your own father!" Madai snarls back at Medea. "I will sacrifice you to Hircine and take the Savior's Hide and become a beast forever!"

"You will do nothing of the sort, please cease this madness.....father." Maerwyn boldly steps forward.

"You coward I would be ashamed to call you my son! You all ready lost!" Madai barks back and looks up at the darkening sky with a laugh. The moons faint light is shown as the sunset passes into night. Once he sees the light of the moons Madai hunches over and with a yell begins to transform.


Asher seeing Madai weakened as he transforms bids the others to run for it. The Dunmer chieftain and Trollz begin to attack Madai in the midst of his transformation, hurting him badly. However, Madai completes his transformation, and the blonde-maned werewolf recovers and turns on them. Asher whacks the werewolf form Madai with the branch, but this seems to have little effect. Madai body slams Asher and then leaps up and engages Trollz. The two go hand to hand again, or in this case, hand to claw. In his werewolf form Madai is much physically stronger, and so his blows to Trollz wear his opponent down much easier. As Trollz begins to lose, Asher charges in and attempts to tackle Madai, but in his werewolf form being much taller and bulkier, this doesn't do much besides knock Madai off balance. The furious werewolf rounds on Asher and grabbing the Ashland Chieftain, he raises Asher high into the air. In a movement too quick to stop, Madai slams Asher down onto his knee, breaking the proud Dunmer's back and killing him almost instantly.

Trollz lets out a terrible cry seeing the old Dunmer chieftain perish, his raspy voice never to be heard again. The others from a distance gasp and tears run down their faces. Madai casts aside Asher's broken body and rounds on Trollz. Trollz driven by emotion launches himself at the werewolf. Colliding in a furious storm of punches, claws, and teeth the two clash so violently it is imperceptible as to who is winning. Maerwyn bids Cassandra, Medea, and the Priestess of Kynareth to continue on to Whiterun. Running forward Maerwyn delivers a flying kick to Madai backing the werewolf up. Madai growls at Maerwyn before jumping on to him and tearing Maerwyn's flesh and fine clothing to shreds.

The poor wood elf is not matched for a werewolf and he is mangled badly before Trollz intervenes attacking Madai again. Maerwyn tries to lift himself a little to tell Trollz to run, but Madai, with a sickening thud, stomps his face straight back into the ground. Launching himself at Trollz the two wrestle once again, but exhausted, Trollz' strength is giving out. Throwing Trollz off of him, Madai dances wildly around Trollz until he finds an opening. Lurching in suddenly the werewolf jumps onto Trollz back, biting him in the neck and sinking his claws into Trollz back under the Savior's Hide. Trollz utters a terrifying trollscream as Madai with great force tears the Savior Hide off of Trollz' back. With a strong kick to the raw back of Trollz, he sends him to the ground.

Madai lets out a howl of victory holding the Savior's Hide up to the moons. Bounding after his daughter, he overtakes the women quickly near the outskirts of Whiterun. Madai viciously murders the Priestess of Kynareth, tearing her apart.

"Father, no!---" Medea cries, tears streaming from her eyes, but a backhand from her father knocks her unconscious. Madai does likewise to Cassandra, and throwing both women over his shoulders, he bounds off into the night towards the mountain, the Throat of the World.


Sir Plutarch recovers and runs over to his comrade, Sir Jaquavis. The Redguard is pale and unconscious from blood loss, but is still drawing short breaths. Sir Plutarch binds the bloody stump of his left arm and picks him up and casts his special magic spell Wind Walks on Water, to hastily run his friend to the safety of Whiterun before turning back around to come help the others.

Sir Mazog groggily gets to his feet with a soaring headache as Sir Plutarch revives him upon returning to the grisly scene. The two legionnaires spot Trollz crawling gingerly along the ground in the distance and walk up him. Sir Mazog shudders and turns his face weeping seeing Trollz raw fleshed back where he has been flayed by Madai. Trollz creeps closer to a body. Casting a small illumination spell, Sir Plutarch notices it is Maerwyn. Badly mangled Maerwyn is a bloodied mess and the two legionnaires look away, tears welling in their eyes. Trollz collapses near Maerwyn and puts an arm on him.

"F-f-friend." Trollz stammers weakly.

"Trollz…….you can save can transform one more time. P-please Trollz, drink my blood and turn into me. You deserve to be human more than most. Just, Medea." Maerwyn says in a near whisper to his friend before his head falls limp unconscious.

Trollz lifts himself up a little bit and pulls himself by Maerwyn. Reaching his arm into Maerwyn's pack he retrieves something. Bending his face down near Maerwyn's bloody chest, Trollz takes a nibble. Using his last transformation from the Curse of Hircine, Trollz lets out a sigh and his body begins to contort as he makes his final transformation.

Skin regrows on his back, then the fine green troll hair, in the mark of T sprouts up on his back. The skin and the rest of his fur turn pale green and then suddenly white. Trollz gets to his knees as he feels strength re-enter him. His form grows taller, his arms become stronger and more sinewy, his simple Cyrolodic troll face, warps into more defined brow and features. Trollz finishes his final transformation becoming forever a Frost Troll after eating the troll fat found in Maerwyn's sack.

Trollz, now in frost troll form, feels the greater regeneration ability of a frost troll begin to heal him from within. Sir Mazog and Sir Plutarch recover Asher's body. Taking off some of his tribal ornaments, they make a pyre all throughout the night and burn the Dunmer's boy in accordance to his own tribe's ceremonies.

As the legionnaires hold Asher's funeral, Trollz deposits Maerwyn at the gate of Whiterun. The guards, not recognizing him, especially now that he is a frost troll, drive him away and take Maerwyn's body to the healers. Trollz casts a glance at the Throat of the World, sensing the werewolf's trail leading up there, and runs off towards the mountain, alone, in pursuit.