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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Tnlje Ilješ Vljeljaalje
(The New Belgrade)
Peace, Freedom, and Truth

New President
After the impeachment of President Vljaaiac Iošocn, the political climate of Aca has been turbulent and dangerous. After the president was removed from office, Vice President Mitlja Iocin was declared president, but only temporarily.
Finally, however, now that the elections for the new president are over, the vice president can finally step out of office, and our new president, can step in.
With Aitoi Ocin in office, the populace seems to have calmed down, and it seems our nation is calm once again. Being very popular with the people, Aitoi seems to have little to no opposition, and won the election by a landslide.
What are his plans as president? We can only wait and see.

Although just becoming president, Ocin has already stepped on the international stage. He says he plans to build up the military, strengthen the navies influence over the black sea, and improve relations with these three nations:
How these nations respond to such a claim is yet to be seen.

Yesterday Ocin held a speech in the capital, this is a small transcript:
"Our nation is surrounded. To the south we have the Ephyral Empire, which claims Slavic lands as its own. They are no doubt a threat to our sovereignty. And to the north, we have Germany and its wretched 'Ironpakt' which controls central Europe with its abundance of puppets. Should we become a dominion of our Selian neighbors? Or a puppet of the Deutsch Empire? No! I say No!
We are stuck in the Adriatic Sea, and surrounded by two nations of great power, that have little care for the sovereignty of other nations.
The only solution is to strengthen our military, and our ties with other nations. So that is what shall happen. If Ephrya were to blockade us in the Adriatic sea, we would be dead. If we were to be partitioned by our two neighbors, then we would be a disgrace to the Slavic people!
A new navy we shall build, not to counquer the Mediterranean, but to at least stop the possibility of a blockade.
Our military will be new, and we shall strengthen our borders. If anyone dares to invade us, they will have to go through so much hell it would be a pyrrhic victory.
And finally, we cannot do without allies. So I send this message to Russia, and Karthspire.

Russia! Our fellow Slavic nation! Come to our aid in our time of need! Why should slavs be separate, when we can band together? An friendship would be appreciated.
And Karthspire, the Ironpakt is a threatening sight, and I'm sure you are well aware of that yourselves. So why not offer a alliance? Or a friendship at most? Together nations are strong, apart, they are separate. A twig can break, but a bundle holds strong. Even if the bundle is not as large as expected.
Now, on the matter of Domesti…"

A riveting speech, to say the least.

But that is all for now.
Have a fantastic day, and see you next time!

Nordamy and Karthspirije