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23 November, 1955


Trade Deals With Aca
The Dalai Lama has proposed discussions of trade deals with the newly elected president of Aca. The Dalai Lama along with his co monarchs have proposed meeting in Belgrade to further discuss the matter.

Tibetan Airlines Fleet Revealed
Upon completing the Word Expo and the gift of the new aircraft, Tibetan Airlines has unveiled their new fleet of airplanes that are capable of flying in the thin air and could fly west. The first flight to go West will be to Ephyral followed by flights to Belgrade. Currently there are flights to Ascoobis, Namjyut and Russia.

Air Force Developed
The Royal Air Force started formal training yesterday and unveiled their planes. The fleet consists of 10 MiG-15s and 6 P51 Mustangs. The fleet will be stationed at Lhasa Airport and at XigazÍ Airport in a separate military terminal.

Central Administration Elections Upcoming
Elections for the prime minster and Central Administration are upcoming. Parties that have declared candidates for the prime minster are:
1. People's Party
2. Improvement Party
3. Revolutionary National Socialist Party
4. Mutualist Party
5. Syndicalist Labour Party
6. National Bolshevik Party

These parties are expected to divide the Central Administration in a coalition between the Libertarian Alliance and Socialist United Front. The Libertarian Alliance and the Conservative Union have agreed to split the seats in a right wing victory. The Nationalist Front stated they will not ally with any fronts despite only have representatives from the National Bolshevik Party and the Revolutionary National Socialist Party with a total of five seats, the lowest represented front.

The Franko-Italian Union and Karthspirije