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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Tnlje Ilješ Vljeljaalje
(The New Belgrade)
Peace, Freedom, and Truth

Corruption Crackdown
As the political climate of Aca cools down, President Aitoi Ocin begins to take his first moves against corrupt bureaucrats, as he cracks down on corruption within the government.
Quoted from Current President Ocin during a interview:
"The impeachment of Former President Vljaaiac Iošocn was a difficult undertaking, especially with the corruption his presidency sowed within the government. In the end it succeeded, but there are still many many issues left to solve"
During later parts of this interview he called out former Vice President Mitlja Iocin for similar levels of corruption as his "partner in crime" Vljaaiac Iošocn.
"Glad that bastard is out of office," he was quoted saying, as he vowed to fix the problems within the government and restore it to its former self.
More information will be shared on this subject as this situation develops.

After the failed attempt to negotiate or to find any sort of common ground found between Karthspire, and with no response from the Russians, Aca has turned to a different method of defense.
As the Acai military calls it, "Operation Ilješ Aca," or "Operation New Aca" is a sophisticated plan, with hopes to turn Aca into a practical military bunker from foreign invasions. With help from Tibet (Which the improvement of relations did succeed with), the Acai military will be reinforced with large amounts of Manpower from Tibet, which will be trained by the best Tibetan and Acai generals that will be transported to Aca. Technology and Military equipment will also be supplied by a separate nation, but Aitoi Ocin has avoided commenting on that when asked. This manpower will be joint controlled by the Tibetan Task Force and The Acai Military.
The plan is currently being undertaken with the nations defense being made to be incredibly tied to every possible detail in the nation. Every street corner, every geographical location, every little thing and aspect of the nation will be tied in some way or another to its defense.
The Tibetans are sending their air force to be stationed and manned in Aca, along with another area which is part of the next aspect of the plan. The sea.

To avoid blockade from the enemy, or any way for supplies to be cut off from mainland Aca, a sophisticated naval plan and doctrine will be put in place. The entire Adriatic sea (Except for the area surrounded by German territory) will have a navy of Acai ships creating a front line defending the supply route. The Acai ships will extend the frontline all the way to the waters around Northern Sicily, with the Strait of Messina being completely protected by Acai ships.
From this point onwards, the frontline will be manned by joint Tibetan-Acai ships all the way until it reaches the Balearic Islands.
Near Corsica, a artificial island in the shape of a lagoon will be built, thanks to the help of Tibetan resources. This area will have the massive ship "Maljaa" (Maria, under construction) being stationed in the middle, which will station the other portion of the Tibetan Air Force stationed in Europe. This lagoon will be built in a specific way to make it function practically like a island naval base, and will house most of the ships reinforcing this part of the massive front line protecting this new trade route. It will be supplied by supply ships moving behind the front line. These ships will be protected by the front line, and will supply the base that protects the front line. Creating a infinite loop as long as they stay in action. Workers will take shifts but will be working 24/7, with the Tibetan air force around this area monitoring the sky.

Of course, logistically having Tibet control a European navy would be a nightmare, which is why it will be mostly controlled, managed, and monitored, and logistically managed by Aca. Tibet will however, supply the resources needed to keep this thing working and reinforced. These supplies will be first transported to Aca, in which they will then go from Aca and into the naval base. The Acai military nicknames this area the "Joint Control Tibeto-Acai Naval Area" or JCTANA for short.
This plan will allow it to be logistically safe and perfectly manageable since the Tibetans are mostly supplying it, and of course, but they also have a European task force stationed in the area. Which will be joint commanded by the Acai military and the partially by the Tibetan Task Force, which will control some areas more then others.

The Trankvilan navy has also planned to secure their own supply route, which conveniently intersects with the Acai trade route. Allowing the two to cooperate, despite supposedly having no connection. This allows a safe and very well secured supply route connecting Aca to the Atlantic Ocean.
As quoted by President Aitoi Ocin:
"A new, safe, and prosperous age for the Acai people awaits us. May we prosper forevermore"

But that is all for now.
Have a fantastic day, and see you next time!

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