by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations


The Empire Report
[Special Edition]

Chaos in parliament today as emergency legislation was introduced by a parliamentarian late last night. The legislation in question was labeled the “Soverign Waters Act” and was brought to the floor quickly. The act in question would allow the Trankvilan Naval Forces to behave more aggressively by actively patrolling ships that leave Trankvilan ports up to the eastern islands of the State of Ercon. Before the vote began for the night, a rider was attached with the label “Aid for Aca” which would authorize millions of fangs for miscellaneous items under the Foreign Minister’s Office, and was attached to the “Soverign Waters Act” with no other opposition by anyone.
All parties made their intentions to use their whips to the Speaker of the Chamber. As the voting began the Monarchist Party with 76 seats out of 208 immediately sent their representative to the floor, where promptly all 76 Monarchist Party seats sided with the legislation. It is unknown if this was by the Reĝino’s direction or by their own opinion, but needless to say the rest of the parties all began to mutter to themselves as the represenative sat down.
Next the Green Party holding 36 seats promptly went to the debate amongst themselves, ending with an upset as their representative informed the Speaker that the party rejected the legislation with a 20 vote no, 14 yes, and 12 abstaining. The other parties all erupted into chaos, before being silenced.
Next the Socialists with a share of 24 seats came up to their own vote, and with a vote of 13 yes 11 no the legislation was accepted by the Socialists! This time the chamber was silent against all expectations.
The Left Democratic Party took their shot to vote, 18 seats under their belt. In a stunning move the ticket was split 8 to 8 with only 2 votes, causing the party to have to skip their verdit to allow the other parties to form a vote. The entire chamber turned to violent shouting as a majority of the other parties to jeer at the failure of the Left Democratic Party to get a majority consensus! The chamber took 10 minutes to cool then the voting began again.
The Center Democratic Party with 14 seats went to vote, and with the number of parties and their seats dwindling the legislation coalition was getting visibly worried as seen by a member of the Socialist party pacing. As the Speaker got the results it turns into a 9 to 5 vote, with the no! Stabbing yet another shot of a clear victory ot death!
The Right Democratic Party with 11 seats next up, and the chamber took longer to calm down, with muttering more prevalent as the number of parties dwinded more. In yet another defeat the legislation got rejected by the RDP as it votes no with 7 no and 4 yes.
Before the Communist Party could vote with their 10 seats the chamber had to be suspended for 20 minutes before resuming, and the results caused a loud booing from the supporting Socialists as the legislation is rejected by the Communists with a vote of 6 to 4! The leaders for the Socialist party look on worried as they were the only single elected party to be on the losing end! Not to mention this could be the first loss a Reĝino’s parliament suffers!
The Independents all gathered together, with a vote of 7 seats the results turned to a 6 to 1 rejection of the legislation, the panic set and the chamber was ready to burst
The Libertarian Party took their 6 votes in and in a surprise victory, passed the legislation with a 4 to 2 margin. The Socialists who supported the legislation erupted in joy as they now had the clear majority of 106 out of 105 needed to get it passed!
The Nationalists raced to vote amongst themselves with their 4 seats now a being possible padding for the victory, and in a shock all 4 Nationalists voted yes to the legislation! Their representative sat back down as the chamber was in chaos, the supporting parties arguing with the opposition save for the Monarchists before security quickly came in, stamping out the chaos.
The two Fascist parliamentarians each got up, going to the floor and in a weird turn of events, one saying yes and one saying no, ending in a tie! The two looked at each other before heading back to their seats, and the eyes turning to the Left Democratic Party
The two abstaining votes grabbed a coin from a nearby pocket, and flipped it, the crowd surrounding the quarter as half of the party cheered and a representative ran over to the floor, announcing the win for the legislation, all 18 seats now backing the legislation! Finally the 2 Fascist represenatives flipped a coin, and both nodded at the Nationalists before confirming their vote for the legislation. The final vote was 130 Yes vs 78 No, the paper was removed from the chamber to be passed by the Reĝino.

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