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The Titan LCC-1 rocket that will take three titanauts to the moon has been moved to the launchpad:

By Libertitan Times-Citizen staff writer, Susan Pickett

Liberty City -- The Libertitan Space Agency has moved its Titan LCC-1 rocket to the launch pad at Cape Freedom; one of the final steps in preparing for a mission that will send three titanauts to the moon.

"We are very pleased to announce that LCC-1 has been wheeled to the launch pad. We'll conduct a number of tests over the next few days, just to ensure that all systems aboard the spacecraft are functioning at optimal capacity," Mission Director Jordan Turk said Friday at a hastily-called press briefing.

"Our primary responsibility is the safety of the crew, and we take that very seriously. Unfortunately with a mission like this, one small mistake can be catastrophic. And while the launch is scheduled for Tuesday at 9am, we have no problem stopping the countdown for as long as necessary should any concerns arise.

I should tell you though that so far, mission prep has been nothing short of perfect. That's a testament to our crew here on the ground, and the team that will be heading to the moon."

The flight crew is comprised of veteran titanaut James D. Anderson, commander; Aldrick "Twiggy" Collins, pilot; and Christie Mae Strong, flight engineer.

Last week, Commander Anderson spoke at a private dinner for mission control staff and their families. A transcript of his brief speech included his closing remarks:

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, we endeavor to go to the moon. And once we've conquered our little celestial neighborhood, we'll go beyond. Maybe Mars. Maybe maybe Pluto. Maybe a planet we haven't discovered yet. Who knows.

But one thing I do know, is that no mission upon which the LSA embarks can be accomplished without the dedication of our mission control staff. I trust you with my life. And I thank your families for allowing me the great privilege of flying with you.

God bless each of you. And may He also bless Free Libertitus. Thank you so much."

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