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Ibenta wrote:Excuse me, but I am not your slave nor is any citizen to their Senate. I do not rely on you, and in fact, I did not ask you to do anything. I addressed New Ingla. Know your place, Senator West Phoenicia. As a member and indeed citizen of the Federation, I reserve the right to consider you my public servant. The Senate may indeed constitutionally be the most powerful branch of the federal government, but it is the people whom you serve--the people who ultimately control you. Again, know your place.

Furthermore, as a responsible citizen of this region, I will partake in my civic duties to express my views--as is my constitutional right--on this matter. I will urge my Senator to change his views, as is just for the constituent, and if he does not--as he very much has the right to do--I will reserve my freedom to debate him. Understood?

Well you being cordial didn't last too long eh?. Never said you were a slave not did I suppress you from speaking.
But life is a two way street. The same rights you have, everyone has. And I will reserve the right to support fellow citizens and senators from people who think they can dictate demands.

And thanks for ignoring the part where I said you should comeback.